Sightseeing at the Terminal Tower and Tower City Center

On Sunday, we ventured out as a family to see what the lake looked like.  The weather was rainy and windy from Friday night until Sunday morning.  My hubby had ideas about going surfing since the lake had waves from the storm.  There was a water advisory, so he decided against it.  On our way to the lake, we made a detour through downtown and went to the top of the Terminal Tower.  My hubby had been wanting to take the kids for a while. 

Views from the bottom.

Views from the top.

The lake and the Browns stadium (which you can't see whole from any vantage point up here.)
Bridges and the crooked river.
The Quicken Loans Arena and Progressive Field (where the Indians play)
The Great Lakes Science Center and The Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and new construction going up.
The Old Stone Church
The lighthouse
Renovations happening in Public Square
 The Key Tower (tallest building in Cleveland)
Views from the inside

There are several stores and restaurants inside and I believe a hotel.  I also believe you can get into the Horseshoe Casino from inside.  I haven't been here enough to really know!  It was a fun, impromptu trip for the day to be able to see what we did see!

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