Summer Vacay Day 17 | Grillin', Chillin' and Another Possum Sighting

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day and you were able to celebrate the Father figures in your life!  My hubby did end up waking up early and running his 10K this morning.  I think he woke up a little earlier than he had hoped to wake up though, when Future Fashionista asked if she could climb into our bed at 4:30 in the morning.

Unfortunately, my hubby signed up so late for the race that he didn't get very many perks out of it.  Since it was a 10K there were no finisher medals and since he signed up so late, they didn't have his size Tshirt left.  He was like, "Well what do I get for my $50?"  I think he did get some food and a beer afterward.

He did okay for not training at all in the past couple months.  I think he was hoping to do better, but he came in 7th in his sex and age group, which was right about in the middle.  Once he got back home he took a nap for a while.  So, the kids and I just crept around and tried to be quiet while trying to get things done.

The weather was bipolar all day.  I swear the weather here can never make it's mind up whether it wants to rain or be sunny.  There was one point when I could see ominous black clouds everywhere, yet the grass was completely green from sunshine. . . . . that was coming from some place that I obviously couldn't see!  Between the weather being so iffy and hubby being so tired, we just spent our day chillin' around here.

We did finally end up grilling. We had some turkey sausages, turkey burgers, portabella mushrooms, zucchini, green peppers and potatoes that we grilled.  We boiled the potatoes whole for 8 minutes, then sliced them and put them on the grill.

We just received our last Try the World box. . . . it's one of the expenses that we're getting rid of, now that we are facing a drop in our money situation.  We'll miss the subscription, but we don't really need it!  This month was an Argentina box and there was an olive paste that Future Fashionista and I tried.  

I love green olive anything.  I truthfully don't think the olive paste was that strong. . . or it could have been because my hubby layered a portabella mushroom and a green pepper on top of my burger and there was just too much going on.  Or maybe it was the red wine.  Or maybe I just didn't put enough on!  I could probably just eat it straight out of the jar on a spoon and be perfectly happy.

By the time we grilled, most of the clouds had cleared away and we got to enjoy a beautiful sky.  I am still loving our somewhat fake palm tree.

After dinner, we sat on the front porch, looked at our too-weedy garden and spotted that big 'ol opossum again!  That thing is so huge.  

In the garden, we made the mistake of replanting lemon balm from the original backyard to the front.  Wow!  That stuff just takes over everything.  I like lemon balm, but I don't want it all over my front flowerbed.  

All of my new gladiolas that I planted this year are coming up! 

The bulbs did very well.  Unfortunately, my elephant ears that I planted are just not coming up.  I guess I just was not meant to have elephant ears!  Oh well.  These lilies are really exploding, too. 

 I can't wait until they actually bloom.  There are about 6 different colored lilies that I planted a couple years ago.  
And whatever these things are, they have spread like crazy.  

Sometime soon, I'll get out there and get all of those crazy, fast-growing weeds out of there.  But, tomorrow (or more likely TODAY by the time you're reading this) I have more pressing plans. . . . 
The waterpark!!!  Yay!  This time we'll be going with friends.

How is your Summer going?  How was your Father's Day?

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