Summer Vacay Day 2 : Bow Drills, Ladles and a Vineyard

 We had a fairly late start to our day yesterday, after the baseball game on Friday night.  None of us could quite get our stuff together to figure out what we were going to do and when we were going to do it.  We were watching some of our friends' kids until the early afternoon.  It was funny though. . . we were going to watch two kids, but one of my other friends said she'd take the kids who like cats to the kitty house.  There is a cat house here that has around 120 cats that are rescue cats and they adopt them out.  Four of the five kids went to the kitty house.  That left us here with one kid.  My hubby and that kid learned how to set traps online.

Everyone in my house really loves the show the Naked and Afraid.  Yesterday, my hubby decided he wanted to try to start a fire with a bow drill.  We never did get a fire started, but we had lots of smoke.  Before we ever got the combination of types of wood, etc. down we had holes in our wood and a broken rope.  He is still researching how to do it properly.

While we were in the yard, Future Fashionista wanted to show me these baby birds.  We tried to keep our distance, so the picture is fuzzy.
Also, my neighbor called us yesterday to remind us about a city-wide garage sale in a city close to us.  It was too late for us to go by the time he called and we were still waiting for and watching kids.  My neighbor asked me what I was looking for and I told him that I still hadn't found that darn ladle that I thought was going to be a cinch to find at garage sales--any ladle!   He showed up at my door with these!  He said that next year we should have a garage sale scavenger hunt because it was fun trying to find the ladles.  .  .  .  he needs a challenge!
We finally did decide what we were going to do.  Several weeks ago one of my hubby's skydiving friends said that they were going to be jumping into one of the local vineyards and that there was going to be a lot going on there.  There were supposed to be hot air balloons going up, but the winds were too crazy all day long.  It was only open until 8:00 p.m. and we didn't get there until 6:30, so we weren't there very long.  As with the night before though, there were beautiful blue skies!
The vineyard had beer and wine tents set up, food, music, bouncy houses for the kids and skydivers jumping out of airplanes.  I'm kind of sad we missed so much of it!  People had blankets and chairs set up everywhere and people were walking around with bottles of wine and cups for everyone in their party.  I don't think I've ever been to a party at a vineyard before. 
We made our way back to talk to my hubby's skydiving buddies and then the kids got a little bored, so we left.  
We still have no idea why this totem pole is here. (above)
On the way home we stopped at one of our other favorite vineyards, but just walked in and walked out.  They had a band playing also.  Our kids aren't in to just sitting around and listening to music, so we just grabbed a bottle of wine and left.  It's a long drive home and the kids were tired.
When we got home, we watched TV.  The end of day 2 of our summer vacay.

We have no idea what's on tap for today.  It's sunny right now, but it's supposed to be storming sometime today, tomorrow, this week.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate for some of the plans we have this week!

If your kids are out of school how is your summer vacay going?

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