Summer Vacay Days 18 & 19 | Waterpark, Chores & Pool

Awwww, Summertime.  The laziest time of year?  Probably not, although thank goodness, we do get some lazy moments every now and then.  We can sleep a little later.  We don't have to worry about doing homework or making school snacks and lunches ahead of time.  We don't have the 8:45 PM rush to get kids in bed (although I desperately miss the kids' 9:00 bedtime~~my hubby believes they can stay up as late as they want during the Summertime~~but that would be a completely different long-winded blog post.)  

Summer is the time of year that we try to fit as much fun into 2 1/2 short months as possible (not that we don't have fun in the Winter time.  Remember our Disney at Home Party??  We just had to stay indoors!)   But Summertime. . . . . sweet, sweet Summertime, is when we try to swim everywhere we can, climb every tree (well, not me, although I know several adults who would), ride every water slide, jump on every trampoline, lie in every hammock, make the biggest sand castle, eat in as many places outdoors as we can, swat countless mosquitoes (just seeing if you're paying attention!). . . . 

Summertime is the time of fireflies, bonfires, glow bracelets, sparklers, popsicles, ice cream (although if you ask me, any time of year is good for ice cream), trying to avoid sunburns, baseball games, zoo trips, beach trips, visiting with family. . .

It's hard for me to try to give my kids the moments when they can even get to the point of saying,
"Mom, I'm bored!" 
want to fit as much into the Summer as we can!  

But, I honestly believe that creativity is born out of boredom.  If kids are constantly being entertained they never get the chance to stretch those "creativity muscles."  So, as much as I want to over-schedule our Summer, I have to remember to let us all have boring downtime as well.

Here is how our Day 18 and Day 19 of Summer Vacay went down.
On Day 18, we went to Wildwater Kingdom again.  We bought Season Passes and we're going to make sure that we get our money's worth.  This time we were able to go with friends.  My friend said that the orange and blue raft ride was worth the price of her season pass alone.  All of the kids went on it and we all had fun!  We were having a competition between our 2 rafts to see who could scream the loudest on the ride.  I can't wait to go back and ride it again.  My friend timed it when we were standing in line watching people~~it is 14 seconds from the time they push you off to the time you slide up the wall in the cone. Fastest ride ever, but worth every second of it!

The Builder was asking . . 
if we could get pizza when we got home.

So, we did.  It's money we are not going to be able to spend pretty soon.  Pretty soon, every penny we spend is going to count.  Every penny counts now, but pretty soon, we're going to have to be even more careful and pinch those pennies even harder.  And we would have been fine if we would have just ordered the pizza, but I wanted a salad, so I spent a lot more for the salad than I normally would have ever spent on a "delivery" salad.
But, it was SO worth it.  Remember I was in the mood for pepperoncini peppers all week?  The banana peppers on this Greek salad helped satisfy that craving.  And the feta added more of that salty "tang" that I was craving.  And let's not forget about the saltiness of the black olives.  You know how some people crave sweets?  Not me. 
 And look what we noticed!  One of the lilies that I showed you the other day is blooming!

On Day 19, we slept in and then worked on some of our chores.  Our front porch has been a complete mess and never really got a Spring Cleaning.  We set forth to clean that spider and leaf trap with some brooms.  The siding still had a layer of dust on it that they helped me brush off.  And we got all of the leaves and cobwebs off.  We also washed off the chair cushions and finally ripped off those annoying tags.  We still need to clean the actual chairs.  I think we're going to need to spray paint one set of chairs sometime this year, because they stayed out the entire Winter and did not fare well.

 Our mascot sat with us.  Can you tell she doesn't like having her picture taken?  Our little huntress.
What IS that thing you keep pointing at me?   I do not like it.  Meow.

Then the kids helped clean the kitchen floor, clean their tub and fold clothes.  The towels were folded nothing like I fold them, but I put them away just as they were, because *darnit* I didn't have to fold them!  I'm not going to discourage my kids' help by criticizing the way that they do it (not this time anyway).  Help is help.

We watch one of our friends on Tuesday, so later in the afternoon, we made the five minute treck to one of our friends' houses to enjoy their swimming pool.  Every time we've been there this Summer so far the kids always play Marco Polo. 
The kids found a tiny friend.

 So, that's how Day 18 & Day 19 went down.

And I'm sad to say that there might not be any more possum sightings.  My hubby said he saw the possum on the side of the road a few houses down.  Poor thing.  

How is your Summer going?

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