Thankful and Thrifty Thursday (on Friday)

 Happy Thankful Thursday on Friday.  It is also Thrifty Thursday on Friday because we finally made it out garage sale shopping again!  I was able to get a lot of the things that I've been looking for.   I needed small side tables for the bed in the craft room for guests to put a book, phone or drink on.  I also needed lamps for the side tables in the craft room.  I was able to find only one, but that's good enough for now.  We need some kind of small tables for the front porch to put drinks on.   Unfortunately, I only found one table for the front porch ($3), but it will do for now if only two of us are out there.  Eventually, we need to find patio furniture for our back deck.  We haven't had much luck finding anything reasonable for that yet.
2 of the 3 side tables and lamp for craft room

Table for front porch, which will need to be refinished.
I'm going to paint the side tables ($2 each)  with my pale yellow chalky finish paint that I got at the craft store a couple months ago~~remember when I painted some of the living room furniture blue???  I might change out the shade on the lamp.
It was only $3, though and it's brand new, so it was a good deal.   I also got these white shutters to use as a decoration on the walls in the craft room.  I think I'll put them on either side of the window on the bed wall.  It was $8 for the pair.  They really need to be cleaned up, but other than that, I may leave them as is.

The kids made out today.   I think they were just happy to be together.
We all had a good morning/afternoon garage sale shopping.  We probably shopped for a good 3 hours, and the first couple houses we went to, the kids actually knew people!  We spent quite a bit of time at the garage sale that I found the tables out.  There were so many things there that I would have bought if I could have found a place for them and had the money to spend!

Future Fashionista started out with $6 of her own money and came back with $1.50.  At one of the first garage sales, the woman gave her two girly craft kits and a stuffed animal for free.  

At one of the next garage sales, she saw something she liked for $3 and asked them if they'd take $2, and they said "yes."  I think it was some other kind of craft kit.  She bought another stuffed animal for 50 cents and some candy (refreshments).  And then I think the last thing she spent her money on was a bag of hair accessories that was marked $1.  She asked the people if they'd take 50 cents and they said "yes." Then at the last garage sale, a woman gave her a really nice art kit for free.. . . . and I mean really nice. . . never used oil pastels, colored pencils, crayons.  . .

And she's already made me a necklace from one of the craft kits she got today!

The boys bought a $2 bin of LEGO blocks that they went in on together and were going to split up.
 The boys also split the price of whatever this bin of stuff is. . 

And then The Builder bought a book and candy.  I don't think he bought anything else.  

I think making them take their own money is important, because they learn how much they really, really want something when they have to spend their own money on it.  I of course pay for any clothes for them that we can use for school.  

We also got a pair of hiking boots for The Builder for $1.  Woo Hoo!  I hope they fit.  If not, I guess we'll have to wait 3 shoe sizes until Future Fashionista can wear them.  

And we got the Tribond game for $2.  I used to love that game!  Can't wait to play it!

I got a gray lace dress ($3), a pair of work pants ($1) and because everyone says I can't wear it after the age of 40, a sequined skirt ($1).   We also got a pink and white hoodie ($1) for Future Fashionista that we'll put away until school starts again.

My only other purchases were a bracelet and 2 pair of handmade earrings for $2 each.

Now, onto Thankful Thursday!

This week, I'm thankful for:
~~The many blessings that are coming to fruition for my hubby.
~~A sunny day today.
~~Being able to find the things above at great prices!
~~All of the pretty lilies blooming in my yard.
~~A chance to have a couple hours alone tomorrow~~you stay at home moms. . . you understand!
~~The fact that my kids are polite in public.
~~The fact that my kids are creative.  
~~Neighbors who mow our yard for us.

Have you found any thrifty finds lately?  What are you thankful for this week?

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