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On Saturday when we were out garage saling, we decided to call my hubby's sister and meet her for appetizers and beers.  After we did that, we went up to the lake to take a little walk.  It was a cloudy, stormy day that day.  We just had time to go down the promenade, hang out for a little bit and then high-tail it back up before we got poured on.  Mike's sister was checking out the radar on her phone when we were down the promenade and there was a huge red blob heading toward us on the radar, otherwise the kids would have stayed down longer.

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 Can you say
"Awkward Family Photos"???
Last time I try to get a photo with my hubby.
Okay. . . . probably not.

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  1. Nice photos looked like it was fun for the time you had
    Have a laketastic week :-)

  2. Sweet shots - thanks for sharing. :)
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

    1. Of course! Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you this week at WW. (I'm a little behind! LOL)

  3. Nice photos. Looks like a great place to explore.

  4. Looks like a nice family day out! The place looks interesting too!

    1. It was a great day! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you this week as well!

  5. Lovely pictures and amazing place to find something!
    Thanks for sharing at Snapshots of May!

  6. Love the pictures looks like everyone has alot of fun.

    Seen your message on Google+ today, Not sure why I never got it until now.
    See if you can stop by the blog now. Some posts where not allowing comments
    when I first made the move. I think they are all set now..


    1. We did have fun! I'm running a teeny bit behind. I'll try to stop by sometime this week and see if it works! Thanks for stopping by!


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