Weekly Grocery Trip and Budget

 There are times when it's just going to happen. . . . you go over your budget.  Budgets are set in place to keep you on track.  I fell off my darn track!  I know that last week I said that we might have to raise the grocery budget for the Summer since everyone is home more often and they're burning a lot more calories.  So, we might just have to do that.

This week, the budget was supposed to be $67.42 since we are still making up for that big GFS purchase a month ago.
However, I ended up spending $84.99 today.  That's $17.57 over my budget. So, I can either say that my $75 per week budget is just not going to be practical for the Summer, or  I can subtract the overage from my budget next week and keep on trying!  That would make next week's budget $49.85.  Whoo!  Luckily, we still have a lot of that meat in the freezer.  Plus, I bought some salmon today which isn't on the menu this week.  Sometimes it's just easier to have stuff in the freezer and pantry though, especially since I have to grocery shop with the kids now.  They are actually at an age when it's getting easier, but it's still nothing like shopping alone!

Here's where my problem came in this week:

I veered from list.  Don't ever veer from your list!  Budget grocery shopping mistake number one!
I actually forgot to put bread (3 items for $5.48) on my list and remembered that we need new dishwashing tabs ($2.49).
And we bought cherries for $3.49.
AND we bought sherbet and sparkling lemonade to come up with a new recipe!  
Those were $2.29 and $2.49.
Plus, I also didn't have 3 cans of sardines ($2.97),  Turkey Pepperoni ($1.99), Hummus ($1.99), Sriracha Kettle chips ($1.29), Baby Carrots ($.99), Bananas (How did that NOT get put on my list?  $1.24), Goldfish crackers ($1.85), Limes ($1.49), 2 jars of Meat Sauce ($1.98), string cheese ($2.79), Dried cranberries and cashews that I decided I was going to use in a cold rice salad for a party this weekend ($1.19 and $4.29), instant brown rice ($1.49), 3 pounds of Gala apples at $2.79, and storage bags ($1.69 and $1.99).  

As you can see from the stuff above, I went away from my list Quite. A. Bit.

The funny thing is, if I would have stuck to my list I would have come in under budget this week.  And it wasn't even the kids, y'all!!!  I have no problem saying "No" to them.  Can we have a beef stick?  No.  Can we have a sucker?  No.  Can we have . . . . .   NO!  All of the stuff I added I added on my own accord.  

So, here's what I got for my $84.99.

1 gallon of skim milk
(2) 8 oz. blocks of cheddar cheese
12 oz. package of String Cheese
carton of rainbow sherbet

cocktail rye bread
12 grain bread
sandwich skinnies

gallon zip storage bags
snack sized bags
dishwasher tabs
coffee filters

Freezer Meat:
1 lb. Salmon

Pantry Items:
2 jars of meat flavored pasta sauce
3 cans of sardines
1 box of quick-cook brown rice
Sriracha kettle chips (they were on sale!  That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it!)
1 container Old--Fashioned Oats
1 container Quick-cook Oats (check out our Baked Donut Recipe!) 
Whole Cashews
Pretzel Sticks
Woven Wheat Crackers
Turkey Pepperoni
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers
Dried Cranberries

1 lb. Vine tomatoes
1 lb. bag baby carrots
2.82 lbs. bananas
1 lb. Mini Sweet Peppers
1 lb. asparagus
1 lb. zucchini
Portabella mushroom caps
1 lb. limes
3 avocados
5 lbs. Yukon gold potatoes
2 lb. Vidalia onions
1 lb. cherries
1 lb. strawberries
3 lbs. gala apples
4 ears sweet corn
bottle of sparkling lemonade

How did you do with your grocery budget this week?

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