Hiking at Nelson Ledges State Park

 I was so happy yesterday when my hubby said,
"Want to go to Nelson Ledges?"
I didn't even hesitate to say "yes."
I really wanted to get out and do something active yesterday.
There are an abundance of places to go hiking in Ohio.
Some people might think that Ohio is only flat farmland, but there are so many cool geological formations in Ohio.  There are a handful of places in Northeast Ohio where you can hike around ledges.  It's possible to walk next to cliffs, see little hidden waterfalls, crawl over boulders and squeeze into tiny little crevices between jutting rock formations.
There are ferns that come out of the rocks and trees that grow in every conceivable place.  My hubby said that it reminded him of something out of Jurassic Park.
I wish my pictures were better for you, but it's hard to hike the "red" trail and keep up with my family while taking pictures.
There are four different ways to take the trail, ranging from easy to "OMG, are you sure I can fit through there?!?!"  Red is the most difficult and is the trail that we took.
If you ever go, make sure you keep your kids close!
The trails are marked very well and you'll probably see a lot of the red markings in these pictures.
There are some spots that we tried to go through that my hubby decided he'd rather climb out of because he didn't think he'd be able to crawl through the way the kids did.  The distance between the walls became both narrow and low.  I got so muddy going through some spots.  I wore my mud as a badge of honor, though!  In the picture below, I was still trying to decide if I could make it out by climbing or if I was going to try to crawl through.
This is hubby trying to see if he could squeeze through some of the tight spots!
Sometimes, when you look up when you're between the rocks and cliffs, this is what you see!
To get an idea of how narrow some of the other passages through the rocks are. . . . 
There was a small waterfall also.  You could see it from the top and you could hike down into the area where the waterfall was and then climb back out at the other end of the little canyon, crevice. . . whatever it was!
Back to the beginning.
It's a very cool place!  

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