Make Hydration Tastier with SweetLeaf Water Drops

 My kids are pretty decent water drinkers. . . . . . . sometimes.  They'll drink water, but they probably don't always drink as much as I'd like them to.   They go through phases.  I think sometimes, they just forget to keep drinking throughout the day.  

We were recently given the opportunity through to try out SweetLeaf Water drops.  We received free samples and a promotional item in exchange for our honest review.  

From the moment we received our box, my kids were badgering me to try out the drops.  I made them wait a couple days and every day they kept asking me, "When are we going to try out the water drops?"  Finally, we tried them and the kids really liked them, so much so that they now BEG to drink water.

We were going to try each different type to see which kind we liked the best.  I brought out clear glasses, thinking that the different drops would be colored.  I was actually pleased to find out that the drops are clear~~ YAY! ~~ no artificial colors!  I should have realized that there wouldn't be any artificial colors since most of the things that I try through Moms Meet are supposed to be "better for you" versions of foods, snacks and drinks for kids, which means no artificial ingredients.

SweetLeaf water drops are made with natural flavorings and stevia. 
I'm not usually a big stevia fan, because even though it's from a plant, it still tastes like chemicals to me.  BUT, these drops actually taste good to me and not chemical-tasting at all.  We tried four flavors.  I don't know if stevia tastes different from plant to plant, but the writing on the SweetLeaf labels reads,
"Made with the world's best-tasting Stevia"
and I'm inclined to believe it, since even I like it.

I really liked the Peach Mango.  
Out of 6 kids that tried the drops, most of the kids liked the Lemon Lime and the Raspberry Lemonade.  One kid out of six that tried them, didn't like them at all.  My kids loved the drops though, since they are used to drinking their water plain all the time and very rarely are allowed to have any kind of fruit juice.  In fact, they LOVE to drink water this way.  And when we came to Florida to visit my family, my kids were asking my parents if they had any Water Drops here.

They're easy to use.  Just put as much water as you'd like into your waterglass and give it a little squirt.  There are 32 servings in each 2.1 oz. bottle.

When we were trying out the water drops, we also made slushies with them in the blender.  For three of us, we used
12 oz. of water, 12 ice cubes and
2 teaspoons of Lemon Lime Water Drops
plus 1 teaspoon of Raspberry Lemonade Water Drops.

The slushies were of course clear~~since there are no artificial colors, but they were a nice, refreshing way to enjoy flavored water.
SweetLeaf Water drops come in 2.1 oz. bottles and can be used up to a month after opening, although they probably won't last that long.  

Water Drops have 0 calories, are sugar and gluten-free and have no glycemic response.
The price is reasonable at $4.99 per 2.1 ounce bottle and can be found on the 
SweetLeaf website.  I don't usually buy things like this, but at that price AND since it will help me to get my kids to drink more water, I probably will begin to buy the Water Drops.  I think it's a pretty good investment.  At around 16 cents per serving, it's a healthy, flavorful way to get my kids to drink water.

You can also find them at amazon or at a store near you, using their Store Locator.
The SweetLeaf brand also carries Stevia sweeteners in different forms, a baking blend, soap and body wash and a cookbook, among other things.
Other ways to keep up with SweetLeaf (where they feature recipes and promotions):

I received a copy of the cookbook as a promotional product with my Water Drops.

I can't wait to start trying out the recipes!

How do you get your kids to drink their recommended amount of water?

Disclosure: We received product to facilitate our review and a promotional item. No other compensation was received.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours. 

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