Our Vacation at the Wyndham Palm Aire in Pompano Beach

 A couple days after we arrived in Florida to visit my family, we left for our "vacation within a vacation" to the Wyndham Palm Aire in Pompano Beach.  

My parents own a timeshare in the RCI network.  This year my parents chose to go to Pompano Beach with their points.  There were at least three resorts in the area that my stepmom (who is the vacation planner) would have been able to choose from.  We chose the Palm Aire because they had more onsite amenities.  And truthfully, my kids don't care that much about the beach.  They'd rather be in a pool.  Or hot tub.  Or back and forth between both.

Wyndham actually has three resorts in the Pompano Beach area~~the Palm Aire, the Royal Vista and the Sea Gardens.  We were able to get reciprocity with the resorts that were on and/or closer to the beach.  We were able to park at the Sea Gardens and sit on the beach in front of the Royal Vista.  Royal Vista also had a tiki bar and pool on the beach. 

View from Royal Vista's Tiki Bar
 Palm Aire offered a shuttle service to Royal Vista two times each day in the morning and then two times back.  A 24-hour notice was needed to be able to get on the beach shuttle.  We always just drove ourselves.  It was about a 15 minute drive, depending on traffic.

The Palm Aire contains a cluster of buildings named after different types of Palm Trees.  We stayed in the Sable Palm building.  I believe there were ten floors in our building and the other buildings looked to be about the same.

I wasn't with my stepmom when she checked in, so I'm unable to tell you about the check-in process.  Let's just say, I don't think she came out complaining.  Each employee that we came across during our stay was friendly.  We did see the man who checked her in on the elevator and he inquired how our stay was going.  

I've read somewhere recently that the Wyndham Palm Aire has recently been remodeled.  The unit we were in seemed very nice.  It had a full-sized dining room table that seated six and then a breakfast bar that had two barstools.   

Dining Room Table---Obviously we made ourselves right at home.

The kitchen was very well stocked with dishes, utensils, pots, pans and small appliances.  We had a full set of ten in all of the dishes, including coffee cups and wine glasses.  

Plus, there were sets of ten short and ten tall glasses and an additional ten plastic cups.  The kitchen had a full-sized refrigerator and oven range with an above-range microwave, which of course makes cooking so much easier.
The small appliances that were included were a toaster, full-sized coffee maker and blender. 

There were just enough coffee filters for the mornings we were there, but I'm sure we would have been able to get more coffee filters if we would have needed them.  There was also a small assortment of sugar and sugar substitute packages and a package of microwave popcorn.

In the kitchen, there was a dish-washer, but they only supplied enough dishwasher detergent for two nights.  We were able to get more when we needed it though at the front desk. 

If you need to do laundry while on vacation, there's a pretty-darn-small washer and dryer unit in a small hall closet.  There were two packages of laundry detergent that could be used, and that was sufficient for what we needed.  I assume that we could have gotten more laundry detergent if we needed it.

The Master bedroom was nice and spacious and it had a Master Bath that included a jetted tub and a walk-in shower.  

The other bedroom had two full-sized beds and the other bathroom had a tub/shower combination.

A bonus about the unit that we were in is that it had so much storage space.  We were in a two bedroom unit which also had a pullout couch in the living area.  There was a little closet in the living area that housed a dresser for whoever was sleeping on the pullout couch.  Each bedroom had a closet and a large sized dresser.  The unit slept 8 people and we definitely had enough room for all of our stuff. 

Bonus-bonus about the unit?  There were a total of three TVs.  So, when the kids and I wanted to watch that silly Sharknado movie and my dad wanted to watch America's got Talent, we could all do our own thing.

We only had one balcony, which was off of the living area, but there are units at the Palm Aire that have an entrance to the balcony off the living area and one of the bedroooms.  I believe that they have one-, two- and three-bedroom units.

As for the property itsef, the property was loaded with things to do.  I wasn't able to get pictures of everything.  The property had one large, main pool that had a walk-in area at one end for smaller kids that had a water mushroom.  They also had a small kids pool over by the same area.  At the other end of the larger pool, there was a water slide that our kids went down probably hundreds of times!  The pool itself is open until 10 pm at night if you like night-swimming, but the slide closed down around 6 PM every day.

Also by the slide with the pool was a hot tub and a bar.  You could walk up to the bar from outside or you could sit inside off the breezeway.

Once you walk through the breezeway, there is an 18-hole putt putt course.  They have golf balls and putters in a little box right inside the breezeway.  You just pick the size you need and begin playing!

Beyond the putt-putt course is one of the other pools and hot tubs. 

There are 6 pools in all on the property.
There is a small playground,  which is probably better suited for younger kids.

In addition to the putt-putt and pools, the property also has an activity center~~ there might be an activity center in each building.  The activity center in our building had different game tables, like ping-pong.  The activity center offered ice cream floats and sundaes every day at 1:00 when we were there.  It was $3 for an ice cream float and $4 for a sundae.  You could choose whichever kind of drink you wanted in your float and there were all kinds of options to top your sundae with.  You were also able to take out board games or movies to take back to the unit with you.  We played Yahtzee a couple nights. 

They had all kinds of different activities planned over the course of our stay.  One night we were able to watch a luau show out by the pool.  

One night they were supposed to have a dive-in movie, but they actually ended up playing the movie in the lobby by the activity room in our building.
There were arts and crafts projects~~which we didn't attend.  They had live music or karaoke in the breezeway most nights.  

Palm Aire also has a spa~~which we also didn't see~~we were busy with other things.  But, it is nice to have it on property!  If I would have had more money and more time, I would have loved to have had a service at the spa.  I believe in the spa building is where they offer different fitness classes throughout the week.  I saw stretching, zumba and pilates on our calendar.  I would have loved to make it down for a stretching class, but never did.  

There is also a golf course right next door, if golf is what you like to partake in while you're on vacation. 

There are plenty of places to get food nearby, including several pizza places, some sandwich shops and a Ruby Tuesday. And if you need to do your grocery shopping once you get to the resort, there is a Winn-Dixie and a Super Walmart within a mile of the property.

If gambling is your thing,  Pompano Park is right across the highway.  It has horse racing and a casino.  Since we were with kids, we never made it to Pompano Park.

I think we all enjoyed our stay at the Wyndham Palm Aire.  There was a little something for everyone!

Have you ever been to the Pompano Beach area?  What is your favorite beach to visit?

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