Summer Vacay Day 40-Something | Resort Time

I have long lost track of what day it is of Summer Vacay.  I believe we're in the 40s now.  We have got to be more than half over, which is sad.  We will however make the most of the last half of our Summer.  As of right now, we're at the beach with my parents.  

We arrived yesterday at the Wyndham Palm Aire resort in South Florida.  I'm hoping to do something that we can ONLY do in South Florida while we're here.  What that is???? I don't know.  

So far, we've been hit with several rain storms.  I forgot how crazy the rain can be in Florida.  Like seriously crazy.  It rains a lot in Ohio, but it doesn't rain as hard and as fast as in Florida.

Our resort is really pretty nice.  My stepmom said it seems like an older unit that we're in, but it's nice.  They seem to have a lot to do.  So far we've played putt-putt and the kids are having a blast in the pool.  The main pool has a slide that the kids have slid on probably more than a hundred times.  There's a small playground, but all of our kids are too old for it.

There is live music for a couple hours most nights and there is a bar by the main pool.  

So far, we're having a great time.  We'll probably wait until the week to go to the beach.

For a sneak peek, here's a look at our resort.

Until we get a chance to update again, hope you're having a happy Summer!
(or Happy Winter if you're in the Southern Hemisphere.)

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