Are You and Your Children Prepared for Disaster? Save the Children #GetReadyGetSafe

It's been ten years since Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana.  I can't believe it's been that long!  My daughter wasn't even born yet and my son would have only been one year old.  I'm sure we all heard about some of the things that were happening during that time.  People lost their homes and didn't have food.  It was almost impossible to get anything to them. 

What I have never thought about or maybe never even knew was that Hurricane Katrina actually separated over 5000 families from their children.  Some families weren't even reunited until 7 months after the Hurricane hit. 
Can you imagine?

I can't imagine not knowing where my child is for more than five minutes.  Do you know that panic you feel when you're shopping with your kids and all of sudden, you don't see them anywhere?  It might only last five minutes, but that five minutes feels like forever.

Now, imagine that there is a natural disaster and you're separated from your kids.  


As much as you feel panic as an adult, imagine how scary it could be for your child.
Here are how some of the children who survived Hurricane Katrina felt then and now.

Do you, your school or your state have basic emergency plans?
 More than half of US families have been affected by some type of disaster, whether it be hurricane, tornado, fire, earthquake or school shooting.  I know it's tough to think about the kinds of things that could happen.  I think we'd all be happier sticking our head in the sand and hoping and praying that nothing ever will happen. I've got to tell you, I love my kids more than anything, but I don't ever think about what to do or what would happen in an emergency situation or disaster.   We don't have any solid plans.  And how do you help your kids if they do go through some kind of disaster?  It can be emotionally devastating for an adult.  It can be even more emotionally devastating for a child who isn't mature enough to deal with their feelings.  Here is another video of people who survived Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy and Oklahoma tornadoes, how our kids are still at risk and how Save the Children is trying to help.

There is a 2014 Report on Protecting Children in Disasters that is really informative.
A good point that is brought up in this informative report is that parents should put an out of town contact on the school or caregiver forms just in case a local disaster occurs and they can't get in touch with the local people.  I never would have thought of that!  There is so much useful information at this link.  There are checklists of things to think of and prepare in case there is a disaster~~things I truthfully would never have thought of!  Our school system definitely keeps all of our info up-to-date.  I just filled out the mandatory forms this morning.  But, I truthfully have no idea where a meetup place would be if any of the schools had to evacuate to a separate location.  Luckily, our school system is pretty good about keeping everyone informed through a telephone communications system.  Usually, as soon as something happens, we receive a message on our phones~~sometimes 3 of our phones.  

You can check to see how your state fares on four specific criteria for disaster preparedness for children at the 2014 Report link above. 

Other things you can do:
Check out the Save the Children-- Get Ready. Get Safe. page and how
Save the Children has helped more than 1 million kids since the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Do you have a disaster readiness plan in place for you and your children?

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  1. this is really informative and relevant! thank you for sharing!

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    1. It is extremely relevant for me! I found all of the info useful. I'm glad you did too. Thanks for stopping by!


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