Geez! Bad Luck with Flying Continues & We're Exhausted!

 I am so tired, but my hubby has to be more tired than me.  Poor guy.  Last Thursday he left to go to Ecuador to be with one of his friends when he got married.  The friend was planning on proposing to his girlfriend while they were in South American AND marrying her while they were there.  So, the engagement and wedding were both going to be a surprise for the girl.  My hubby was a surprise for his friend who was getting married.  The friend didn't know my hubby was going to be there for the wedding.  

The couple who was getting married (although as I said, the marriage part was a surprise for the girl) were on a bucket-list trip to Peru, Ecuador and eventually to the Galapagos Islands  (I think they're actually doing the Galapagos Islands right now.)

My hubby has these two friends who are part of the "older" BASE jumping crew around here.  One of the ones was the one getting married (obviously).  There are three of them altogether, including my hubby.  The other friend that was NOT getting married was still planning on being there and he and his wife had a huge part in planning the actual wedding. And by all FB accounts, they really know how to throw a wedding!  The photos look amazing.   They had lots of surprises in store for the wedding.  My hubby was one of the surprises.  The friend actually used his airline miles that he had been earning to fly my hubby down.  

The timing couldn't have been worse in relation to the new school year, hubby's new job, a new soccer season, etc.  I stayed home to deal with all of that.  I'm just not the mom who is going to leave my kids when all of that is going on.  It isn't someone else's responsibility to deal with all of that.  I like to meet the teachers and coaches and see the schools for myself.  It's been a tiring four days for me.

If you remember, my parents left early Friday morning to return to Florida.  That situation always leaves me an emotionally drained mess.  I just get so sad and I didn't have my hubby here this time.  I didn't have anyone's shoulder to cry on!  Plus, I had the kids by myself and was dealing with getting ready for the new school year. 

We ONLY JUST started practicing our new hours for the new school year yesterday.  We are so behind this year.  We're all going to be tired wrecks for the rest of this week.   Yesterday we got up at 6:00 in the morning after going to bed at 11:30 the night before~~~Hey!  We had to watch Naked and Afraid XL.  We don't have a DVR, so we have to watch it when we can.  I wish it would have ended this week.  The kids have been watching it since the beginning and they're going to miss the end now.  Hopefully we'll be able to catch it on a repeat sometime.

Anyway, after getting up at 6:00 yesterday, I stayed up later than I would have liked last night tracking my hubby's flight and listening to him complaining.  It's not just the kids and me who have bad luck with flights.  My poor hubby had the craziest day yesterday.  That guy was zig-zagging between the Central and Eastern timezones all day long.  Seriously.  He was supposed to fly from Ecuador to Miami.  Miami to Chicago.  And Chicago to Cleveland.

His flight was supposed to leave Ecuador at 7:00 in the morning Ecuador time, which would be 8:00 in the morning our time.  I have no idea how much earlier he got to the airport.  As far as I know, his flight to Miami went off without a hitch.  His flight from Miami to Chicago was delayed.  His flight from Chicago to Cleveland was canceled.  He was supposed to be in Cleveland by 9:45 at night.  He ended up having to catch a much later flight to Columbus.  He asked his dad if he could pick him up in Columbus, but he couldn't.  He was trying to get me to get his car from the parking at the airport.  But once he found out that his dad couldn't pick him up, he said, 
"Forget it.  I'm going to have to rent a car in Columbus and drive to Cleveland.  And drop off the rental car.  And get my car."

Unfortunately, there were a lot of people who got re-routed to Columbus and by the time he got off the flippin' flight there were no rental cars available.  For real.  He sent me a lot of texts with a lot of colorful swear words.  By the time his flight landed it was almost midnight.  He sent me a text saying,
"I guess a $300 taxi ride it is".  .  .  .  .  . and how he didn't like any people at that point in time (but not necessarily in those words.  Um, yeah.  The words were more colorful than that.)

I actually have no idea if he took the outrageously expensive taxi ride or not, but he didn't make it into bed until 3:30 and his alarm went off at 5:00 this morning.  My poor honey.  And I'm sure he didn't want to call off work, because if you remember, he just started his new job last Monday.  I hope he survives his long, tired day.  

I hope we do too.  We're all crankpots around here right now.  I don't think my house is full of morning people.  Yeah, we're definitely not morning people.  I need to go get my coffee now.

And deal with all of the emotions.  I can't believe school starts back again tomorrow.  And I might be working outside the home for the first time since having kids. 

If nothing else, it will be an adventure!  Wish us all luck!  
(We might need it!!!)

Today, we're watching our friend for the last time this Summer and then we have our first official Soccer practice tonight.  Tomorrow. . . . .

The first day of school for my son at a NEW SCHOOL, on a NEW bus, with a NEW bus route, at a NEW earlier time!  


Here's to NEW beginnings! 

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