Just What I Need! Another CryBaby in the House!

I'm a crier.  A big, over-emotional, sentimental cry-baby.  I'd like to say I make no apologies for it, but I've already had to apologize once today.  It is who I am.  It makes me uncomfortable.  It makes other people uncomfortable sometimes.  Although, my crying is apparently what caused my hubby to want to keep in touch with me when we first met.  Luckily for me, he had no idea what he was really in for!

My family knows that I WILL cry when we go to say goodbye.  Old college roommates knew that I would cry when it was time to say goodbye.  Some people even avoid goodbyes with me altogether.  I guess they don't like crying either.   Because if I'm around and there are goodbyes going on, eventually every person is crying.  Some people have stronger constitutions and are mentally prepared to deal with me. . . . . these people know who they are.

I can NOT be expected to spend a whole month with my family and NOT be expected to cry.  Phhht!  I mean REALLY!

So, when I have another cry-baby with me, God help us all.

It only took one thing last night to set me off.  My dad and my daughter get along famously.  They always have.  Ever since my daughter met her Papa when she was a baby, they have been great pals.  Now, I know why.  They are both huge hams.  They'll do anything to get a laugh.  

Put the two of them together and. . . . . GOOD GRIEF. . . . major silliness ensues.
The two of them were goofing off last night and the thought that it would be the last night that the two of them would be together just overwhelmed me and it began.

Unfortunately, my daughter has looked to me almost her entire life to see if she should be crying.  I don't know if it's unfortunate. Maybe that's actually the wrong choice of words.  But every time we're watching a movie, if something gets a little sappy or sentimental she will look at me to see if I'm crying yet.  It's as if she's looking to see if it's okay if she feels sad or sentimental.  

Last night when I went to tuck her in she was crying. I asked if she was crying and she said "yes" and told me she was sad that they were leaving.  Both kids asked my parents "why they had to leave."  Luckily, my dad was able to answer without crying.  As tough as he is, he has a soft, sentimental side as well.

Last night when I saw my daughter crying though, it started me all over again.  Of course that's why this is titled "Just what I need!  Another CryBaby in the house!"  Believe me, I don't need any help in the crying department.  I don't need another crybaby egging me on.

I thought I was doing well this morning when I actually went about two hours without crying.

Then, I dropped my daughter off at a friend's house and the mom asked me if my parents left.  Apparently, I'm still not ready to tell people that "Yes, my parents have in fact left."

I started crying again. So, please. . . . . if you don't want to feel uncomfortable if I start crying, here's a list of things NOT to say to me.

"Have your parents left yet?"
"Did you have fun with your family?"
"Is today Friday?"
"Oh look, the sun's out"
or  apparently
any other words in the English language.

Why is it that we dislike crying in front of others so much?  Do we think it makes us look weak?  
Are you sentimental or can you just move on easily?

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