Meal Plan Monday and Goals for the Week

As usual, our Meal Plan from last week got all switched around.  We stuck to it for the most part, but The Builder wanted pierogies last night for dinner.  So, we moved the pork roast that we were supposed to eat last night to tonight.  

Here's what this week is planned to look like.  We might make alterations during the week as we see fit.  At least we have a plan to start though!  Might need to move the fried rice night sooner depending on the shape of the mushrooms!

As always, we've updated our
DIY Chalboard Menu Board
for the week!  You can find out how me made it

Kids lunch:  Chicken nuggets, fruit, veggie~~  If you haven't read the lunch box hacks from Passion for Savings, you should! They have some pretty brilliant hacks listed.  
Dinner:  Garlic Lemon Pork Roast with Roasted potatoes and carrots

Kids lunch:  Pizza rollups, fruit, veggie
Dinner:  Spaghetti with meatballs

Kids lunch:  Turkey Sandwich, fruit, veggie
Dinner:  Shepherd's Pie

Kids lunch:  Ravioli, fruit, veggie
Dinner:  Tuna Casserole

Kids lunch:  Refried beans with whole grain cracker chips, fruit, veggie
Dinner:  Salmon, whatever kind of veggies we get in our organic box

Each man/woman/child for themselves!

Mushroom Fried Rice, veggie

Goals for the week:
Still need to work on organization of the kitchen cabinets
Try to figure out how to fit in workouts and Bible study each day

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