Meal Plan Monday and Goals for the Week

Our meal plan has really made my life easier the last couple weeks.  We're in week three of school.  I keep waiting for a "normal"day, but they keep NOT happening.  Today, I had to go get an extra inhaler so that Future Fashionista has one for school and for home.  That way she won't have to remember to bring it back and forth.  We are only trying it before physical activity this week and then we're switching it to "as-needed" as a rescue inhaler.  It seems to be helping when she uses it before physical activity.  We'll see how it goes next week when we have to use only as a rescue.

The Builder seems to be doing well with the big change up to Middle School.  He's only forgotten things a couple times.  He didn't have his gym shirt one time last week and he forgot his ID tag one day.  There are a lot of new things for him to remember!  It seems like he really likes playing the trombone, so that's cool.  I'm happy he likes it.

Here is what our meal plan for this week looks like.  I always go Monday - Sunday on our meal plan.  We'll pretend I use a European calendar *wink, wink*

Meal Plan 
Some lunches for hubby during week:  Pasta salad
Lunches for me during week:  Leftovers or salad
Lunch for kids:  Refried Beans and cheese with Wheat Thin Cracker Chips, Grape tomatoes, celery, dried blueberries
Dinner:  Crimini and Chickpea Fried Red Rice, Steamed Broccoli, Sauteed Greens
Lunch for the kids: Pepperoni Rollups, Baby Carrots, Celery, Apple Sauce
Dinner:  Onion breaded Pork Chops, Roasted Potatoes, Corn on the Cob
Lunch for the kids: Ravioli, fruit,celery
Dinner:  Tacos
Take-along dinner for hubby:  Freezer Roast Beef & Turkey Wraps
Lunch for kids: Taco Rice & Beans, Grape tomatoes
Dinner:  Chicken casserole
Lunch for the kids: Chicken Nuggets
Dinner:  Slow Cooker Chili
Everyone is on their own!!!
Baked Potato and Salad or leftovers~~Mommy is going out!! (almost forgot!)

Goals for the week:
Why even bother?!?  Haha.  I've very rarely completed a "goal" to-do list recently.  There's always something unusual going on.  Hopefully after:
The garage sale this week,
figuring out Future Fashionista's inhaler issues,
settling more into a "normal" routine for school, 
and the holiday this weekend~~~
I'll be able to actually attain some of my weekly goals.

What's on your meal plan and to-do list this week?


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  1. I love your meal plans! I wish I could stick to a meal plan but my days are so busy that I often don't have time to make a meal plan for me.

    1. After visiting your blog, I can see why you're so busy!!! Hey! To each their own. Love your blog. If it's just you, why would you have to make a meal plan anyway!?! In NYC, I'd be eating all kinds of stuff all the time. . . . whenever the spirit moved me!


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