New Beginnings in the Quirky Household

Our Summer vacation is quickly coming to a close.  It seems like I was just sharing with all of you, all of the fun things we had been doing.  Then, we went to Florida to visit my family for three weeks, drove back here with my parents and are now spending time with them before they leave to go back to Florida.  It has been an excellent Summer.  

I've been trying to live every day in the moment and not be anxious about what this Fall is going to bring.  I can finally let all of you in on the "little secret" that was going to be causing a tiny bit of upheaval in our lives.  

My hubby quit his job that he had for over 22 years.  He has only ever worked for one company in his life.  Two years ago, he decided that he wanted to try something different.  So, he went on a job interview for a position that teaches carpentry to high school kids at one of the local vocational schools.  He didn't get that job.  He interviewed at several more places since then for all different kinds of positions.  Also during the last two years he worked to get his Building Inspector certifications.  He finally got a job offer as a Building Inspector for the city.  

He started his brand new job today after taking three weeks off work.   Since he started working full time at such a young age AND for a company that even after 22 years of working there wouldn't give him more than two weeks of vacation a year~~he took three weeks off for himself.  While the kids and I were visiting my family in Florida, he was out and about and visiting friends. He had a good time and the time went quicker than he expected.

Once my parents leave, we'll only have five days until school begins.  I Can. Not. Believe it!
The Summer flew by so quickly.

I spent a lot of my time at the beach trying not to be anxious about all of our changes.  If you remember, there is going to be a difference in our finances.  And not a small one either.  We are going to have major budget constraints.  

BUT, my hubby will also be starting ANOTHER new job teaching construction to adults a couple nights a week and on Saturday for a couple months in the Fall and Spring.  So, that's another new thing we'll have to get used to.

ALSO, my son will be at a new school this year and our morning routine is going to become all kinds of wonky.  WONKY, I tell ya!  

He will now be getting on the bus a whole hour and fifteen minutes before my daughter.  So, I'll have to be up earlier than I was last year and we'll have a weird, staggered morning.

In addition to that, I will probably have to find a part-time job to help with finances.  I have a friend who has been gracious enough to let me work a couple hours a day in her spa as a receptionist.  It's just hard to work outside of the home since we don't have a huge support system to help if anything ever happens with the kids (snow days, illnesses~~which happen a LOT in the Winter and Spring).  

So in a couple weeks, we'll see how all of that is going.

I hope to get back to these things on the blog in the Fall:

Monday Meal Plans and To-Do lists.
Weekly Grocery Budgets

I really believe that I'm going to have to re-visit my Family Household Binder and start a schedule to be able to do everything that I need to do.  Until this point, I've been able to do everything on an as-needed basis.  I won't have time for that now.

I really, REALLY hope to get back into some kind exercise routine.  Since my son usually gets up and uses the TV at 6:00 in the morning, I'll have to figure something else out.  I usually work out while they're in school, but mornings before work won't leave me much time.

I KNOW there are a lot of you moms out there who work outside the home.
What are your schedules like?
How and when do you fit in your workouts and housework.
Help me out!!!

I'll be getting back with some more pictures from our Summer Vacay soon.  We did so many fun things.  

I hope you're all doing well and hope to "visit" with many of you once our schedule settles into place.

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