Our Organic and/or Local Produce Haul this Week

Last year during the school year, I always shared with you guys what kind of organic goodies I was getting through Blue Sky Green Fields each week.  Sometimes the deals are good, sometimes they're a little more expensive.  For the most part, it helps to still eat more organic stuff on our budget.  I have still yet to figure out exactly what our new food budget is going to be.  This is our first organic stuff through BSGF this year.

This week, we spent just under $40, which is actually more than I wanted to spend.
BUT, here's what we got.

In our "local" box, which I got for $10-something as the early bird special. . . .

we got that funky white squash-y thingy,
2 green peppers,
2 yellow zucchini,
3 ears of corn,
1 carton of cherry tomatoes,
4 small cucumbers,
1 carton of new red potatoes
1 bunch of radishes and
3 peaches

In our Organic Produce Sampler box, which was $29 something, we got. . . .
3 organic pears,
2 organic grapefruit,
2 organic avocadoes,
1 pound of organic baby bok choy,
2 organic slicing tomatoes,
1 head of organic cabbage,
1 bunch of organic beets,
1 bunch of organic broccoli,
1 bunch of organic rainbow chard,
1 bunch of organic carrots and
1 bag of organic celery.

As a bonus for spending $35 or more, we received
1 Free Baby Seedless Watermelon.

I can't wait to plan all of this stuff into our Weekly Meal Plan.

Do you try to buy organic produce?
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