Weekend Crafts to Get Ready for the Holidays

Crafting before the holidays is one of the best ways to get ready for the season. Your family can be pretty busy during the week, but weekend crafts will help you prepare for every holiday between Labor Day and the new year. This list of crafts is not exhaustive, but you might use each idea as a starting point for your own crafting journey.

#1 Halloween Crafts

Your kids will be excited for Halloween, and they can help get the house ready for the scariest day of the year. Your weekend crafts should include pumpkin carving just before the big day, and you might make stickers for your windows to help guard your house from people who eat too much candy. Ask your kids to help you turn stuffing into ghostly figures that you can plant all over your lawn, and let your kids help you paint all the figures that you place in your lawn as decoration. You can keep the kids busy every weekend for a month getting ready for Halloween.

#2 Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving decorations are focused on the turkey you will eat on the big day. Everyone is usually off work for that holiday, and you may have several family members over for a meal. Your kids can help you get some fun crafts done that will make the day more enjoyable. Each child can write the names of family members on strips of paper, and those strips of paper can be used to label chocolate turkeys you bought for the family just for the occasion.

Your children can help decorate the tablecloths, decorate the runners and create place settings for everyone in the family. Your children will be completely immersed in the creation of a memorable Thanksgiving meal, but they could have all the decorations done before you cook a single thing. Outdoor decorations may include a cornucopia, turkeys to plant in the yard and a pilgrim scene to commemorate the holiday.

#3 Christmas Decorations

You could let your kids decorate the Christmas tree, but their crafts should not stop with the tree. Your kids can help you make candy canes for everyone in the family, and you can make a new baked good every weekend with a Christmas theme. Christmas decorations can include Christmas cards that you can create with your kids over the course of a few weekends, and your kids will learn how to write up and personalize a Christmas card for everyone in the family. 

#4 New Year's Eve

Your kids may not stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve, but your kids can help prepare for the party you will have. The party could use streamers your kids can build on their own, and the decorations can be made from strips of construction paper. The rings of paper your children build can hang cheerily throughout the house cover, and all your guests will see bright decorations that bring in the new year.

The weekend crafts you do with your children can help you get ready for every holiday you have coming up. Your children can be involved in holiday planning, and they can complete most of the decorations on their own. Teaching your children to make all the crafts for the season will help you get ready for every holiday without feeling completely overwhelmed. Your children will have a lifetime of crafting memories, and your children may teach your grandchildren the same weekend crafts.

Bio -    This guest post was contributed by Thoughts in Vinyl, a craft company that makes vinyl and wooden letters and features fun, super Saturday crafts for the whole family.

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