10 Things That Make Living With a Broken Hand Easier

Being forced to use my weak hand only while my right hand heals has brought to light some things that make one-handed living easier.  Here's my list of things that are making my life somewhat easier right now.

1.  Tracker ball, instead of mouse.  

I have always liked tracker balls better.  But it has been a fairly easy transition moving it from the right side of my laptop to the left.  It's easy to roll to get where I'm going on the screen and easy to use with my pointer finger on my left hand. 

2.  OraMD instead of toothpaste.  

 Trying to get toothpaste on a toothbrush one-handed is QUITE difficult.  The toothbrush always falls over whenever I try to squeeze toothpaste on.  Then the toothpaste falls onto the counter and sticks to the counter instead of staying on the toothbrush and then I have to start all over again AND I have a slimy toothpaste mess to clean.  With the OraMD, the 3 drops that I put on the brush don't cause the toothbrush to fall over.

3.  Kitchen Shears

These things have been a blessing to me.  They are so much safer than trying to use a knife one-handed.  When I can't get into a reclosable zip-top food bag like dried fruit or nuts, I can simply snip a line across the top, refold the bag and use a clothes pin to close the bag.  You'd be surprised how difficult it is to get into a zip-top bag with one hand!

4.  Clothes Pins

To close all of the zip-top bags that I have to cut.

5.  Pump shampoo and conditioner.

When I told my hubby that I needed to buy shampoo with a pump, he said
"Well now, let's not go crazy."
Of course this was said by a man who doesn't have hair.  Just Sayin'!!
(Love you Honey!!)

But with 3 of my fingers wrapped up into a cast that looks like a claw, there is no way to hold a shampoo bottle in that hand.  And I obviously can't pour the shampoo onto the cast!!   I tried one time, before my pump shampoo got here to just pour it with my left hand directly onto my head.  I think we can all assume how that went.  I thought I did a good job.  When I put the bottle down and brought my left hand back up to wash my hair, there was about ten times more shampoo than I needed.  Needless to say, I didn't even attempt to use conditioner that day.

6. An attractive pair of eyeglasses.

Have you ever tried to put in contacts with one hand?  Or clean them?  'nough said.
Some of the time, you might have to have someone else clean the glasses for you.

7.  Flossers.

I'm a traditional, two-hand using, old-school flosser.  Usually.  Right now it is impossible to use two hands.  So, I have to break out the cheaters... . . . . . I mean "flossers"  Might as well be shaped like  an animal and taste like fruit.  These are especially important if you break your dominant hand, because you're probably not doing as good a job as normal cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush.

8.  A well-made purse with an easy, well-placed zipper.

Cheap purses have cheap zippers, which most of the time are hard to use.  They become even more difficult when you are forced to use them with one hand.

9. Dishwasher powder instead of dishwasher tabs.

In a stroke of weird luck I actually bought dishwasher powder a couple weeks ago because it was more cost-effective than the dishwasher tabs, and you know I LOVE my dishwasher tabs.
I can't open the packaging on prewrapped dishwasher tabs.  The box of powder is easy to open and to pour.

10.  Kids who are older elementary age.

The kids have really had to help pick up the slack around here.  I know that at some point they should be helping out more anyway, but it puts stress on us all trying to teach them under duress.
  But, I'm extremely thankful that they're old enough to help and that there are NO diapers to clean. 
So, if at all possible, if you ever plan on breaking your hand, try to do it when your kids are old enough to help.

Do you have anything to add if you've ever been through this?

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