How I Broke My Hand at Oktoberfest

Soooooooo, once upon a time there was a girl whose friends took her out for her 45th birthday.  They went out to a cute little restaurant with a patio.  Then they went to Oktoberfest.  It was a magical night void of hubbies and kids.  When they were walkig up to buy tickets to get in, fireworks started going off.  

Once inside, the friends got their first beers and went to the polka tent.  Accordions were being played as quickly as people's feet could carry them across the floor.  So. Much. Fun. 

Alex Meixner was the accordion player.  There are several videos of him on YouTube, but I couldn't find one of Oktoberfest, so here's a random video of him.  You can find out more about him at his website.

The friends were having so much fun!!!

Okay, let's switch our story back to first person now.   Let's face it,  It happened to me.  . .  .  not to someone else.  After we watched Alex Meixner,  we went to see a skit.
And then. . . . . .
the skit was over and they started tossing beads into the crowd.  Some beads were coming right toward me.  I threw my hand into the air to catch the beads and my hand collided with about 8 other people's hands.  As soon as I brought my hand down, I looked at my friends and said,
                 "I just broke my hand."

Since my hand wasn't swelling too bad and it didn't feel like there were broken bones from the outside, we continued our night and watched another band.

The next day I couldn't close my hand around anything so my hubby and I decided to go to the Urgicare.

And here was the result:  fractured 5th metacarpal.  It's hard to tell on the xray, but it goes all the way up under the neck of the bone.
The Urgicare splinted it and I went to the orthopedic doctor on Tuesday and got a cast.

I was thankful that I didn't have to have surgery.  I hope it heals properly and quickly.

I cried in the Urgicare when they told me that I wouldn't be able to do housework for 3 months.  I'm pretty sure they never had that reaction before!!

For now, I'm just trying to get used to only being able to use one hand.

And "yes", my right hand is my dominant hand.    I told someone on Facebook that it was just time for the left side of my body to prove that it's useful for more than just providing aesthetic symmetry.

And "NO!",  I didn't even catch the darn beads.  My (tall) friend caught some and gave them to me.

When was the last time you broke a bone if you ever have?

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