How to Clip Coupons With a Broken Hand

If you read my post entitled
you know that I was having issues with cutting paper with only one hand.  My issue was that it was downright impossible.

Here's what I came up with:
Here's the process that led to it:
Today, an idea came to me.  What if I clipped the paper to something so that it will hold still!!??!!

Brilliant!  I'm not sure why it took me several days to figure this one out! Guess my brain is just being overworked trying to figure everything out about using the left side of my body.  You'd be surprised how much less clearly you think when you are able to only use one hand.  It's absolutely nuts.

While I was trying my clothes pin trick--which if you remember--clothes pins were one of my top 10 items to make life with a broken hand easier in THIS POST, it popped into my head, that a clipboard would be even better!  I just might have stumbled onto something.  It was time to test my theory. 

I think now is as good a time as any to teach a little lesson about scissors as well.  The picture should explain it all.

At first, I cut horizontally to cut the top part of the bottom coupon out. 

 Then I realized that if I did it that way, I would still have to figure out how to trim the sides off. 

 My first try was fairly successful, but I knew there still had to be a better way that used less steps.

The next time, I started by cutting the sides off first all the way to the top.  Then, I cut the coupons out the rest of the way.


Why, you might ask, am I going through all of this trouble to cut coupons???
I usually shop at Aldi and therefore don't use many coupons at all.  But, if you are familiar with Aldi, then you know that you bag your own groceries.  The last time I tried to do that it looked like a Laurel and Hardy sketch.  I have decided that for now it's easier to let someone else bag my groceries.  The grocery store that bags even sent someone out with me to unload them into my car--which I'm actually quite capable of.  In order to get my costs closer to what I would pay at Aldi, I use as many coupons as possible.

You might also ask why I don't just ask Future Fashionista to help me cut the coupons.  And that answer is that I'm determined to see how many things I can actually do while I have this broken hand.  It's like a fun little challenge.

I hope that when this is all over, I don't ever take being able to use both hands to do things for granted.

What things do you think would be difficult for you if you could only use one hand?

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