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 It tickled me to think about putting up an Outfit of the day post while lately on most days I don't even venture out of my pajama pants.  Elastic waist pants rule when you have to do everything with one hand.

So here for your fashion viewing pleasure, I present my 

Jeans:  Old Navy, thrifted.  I single-handedly managed to get the zipper up AND the button buttoned.  I'm worried about what's going to happen in 20 minutes when I have to pee, though!  Wish me luck on the one-handed un-buttoning process.

T-Shirt:  Seminoles gear by Champion.  Short sleeves are easier to get into than long sleeves AND we have a game tonight.  Go 'Noles!!

Purple Glasses:  Zinni Optical.  Still haven't attempted to put my contacts in one-handed.

Red Cast:  Cast Tech at Cleveland Clinic.

Blue Sling:  Unknown manufacturer.  I picked this little beauty up at the Urgicare.

Menu Board (behind my head):  Quirky Homemaker original. . . . . .going largely unused right now since it's too difficult to plan meals with only one hand.

Alrighty then,  I went to the grocery store today and now I'm exhausted.  I'm going to see if I can get these jeans unbuttoned so that I can change back into my pajama pants and take a nap.

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