Decorating Tips: Learn From Other's Mistakes Before Spending

You are a frugal mom with a sense of style and a desire to decorate. Because you are smart with your money, you plan on sticking to a budget. It only makes sense that you want to get things right the first time and avoid overspending. If you make a mistake, you may end up spending more money to fix it than you did to start the project. Learn from the mistakes that others might have made to decorate like a pro.

1. Short Drapes

It is surprising that so many people do not understand how to measure curtains and drapery. Pull back drapes that are too small and you expose moldings and create ill framed window treatments. Not only that, but you make your windows appear smaller than they are. When you are measuring, start about two inches below the ceiling, and end your measurement at least a foot below your window. This gives you plenty of material to work with and makes your windows look larger.


 2. Too Many Photos

Do not waste your money on dozens of photo frames. Placing too many photos on a table looks cluttered and tacky. Instead, choose no more than six photos that you love. Create a gallery wall with black or sterling frames. Getting your pictures off of the table and onto a wall makes a bold statement.

3. Kitschy Themes

You may love the rainforest, but that does not mean you have to bring it into your home. Avoid the temptation to match your bedspread to your curtains to your throw pillow. Your room will end up looking like a tacky hotel. Instead, look for a throw pillow or beautiful painting in your favorite theme. Pull colors from the piece you choose for use in the rest of your room.

4. Ignoring Your Entryway

You have a limited budget, but you want to impress your guests. The first place your eye should turn is to your foyer or entryway. This area of your home is your chance to tell people who you are through your choice of design elements. Go big and bold. Think about dramatic pops of color and large accessories. If you are more classic than contemporary, look for a single piece that draws the eye. Use that piece as a starting point for the rest of your d├ęcor.

5. Color

Do not put baby blue on your walls simply because it is your color of choice. The colors you enjoy wearing or looking at do not always make the best options for your walls. Bring home several samples of colors that you like, paint small squares on the wall, and look at the colors in all types of lighting. Let the colors rest on your wall for a week or so before you decide which one you can live with.

When you run to the store and buy the first thing you love, you often regret it later. Give the way you are going to decorate a fair amount of thought. By following these tips, you avoid the mistakes others have made, and you may very well end up saving money in the long run.

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