Normal Every Day Things That are Close to Impossible to Do One-Handed

If you've been using two hands for a while, you probably don't think about how many things actually require two hands.  You might have seen my post titled Weird Things I've Learned from Having a Broken Hand.  Here are some other things that just don't work when you can only use one hand.

  1. Open a door while you have a hand full of wine corks. Or clothes, or anything for that matter.  If your only hand is full, it is almost impossible to open a door at the same time.  You must put down whatever it is that you're holding, then open the door, THEN pick up whatever it is your carrying and then proceed through the door.  You should probably just hire a doorman.
  2. Get fuzz that has gotten stuck in the prongs of your ring off the prongs.  Teeth don't even work for this.  I tried!  I had to wait for someone to get home and ask them if they could please get the fuzz off my ring. . . . . .it was driving me crazy!!
  3.  Cut your own fingernails.  Since my left hand used to be my weak hand, it didn't get used as much as my right hand.  The nails on my left hand are usually longer because they just don't have as many opportunities to get broken.  So, the nails on my left hand were pretty long when I began this one-handed journey.  Since I have to use my left hand for everything now, the nails were getting in the way.  I had to have my son help me cut them.  Just as a reminder, this is what my cast looks like.  Three of my fingers are hidden.  So, it really is impossible to use this hand for anything.

4.  Talk on the phone and do ANYTHING else.
5.  Peel a hard-boiled egg.  I'm not actually sure about this one because I haven't tried it yet.  But there are some very delicate movements in the shell removal process that I usually use two hands for.
6.  Drive a stick shift.

Have you ever been in a situation when you were only able to use one hand?
I've moved on from the cast now, although it's been 7 weeks and my hand still hasn't healed.

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  1. Ha! Very true. I've never been without an arm and never hope to be. Makes you grateful for two, doesn't it? Good luck with your recovery. Thanks for the smile.

    1. Definitely true and definitely will never take being able to use two hands for granted again. Thanks for your well wishes. :)

  2. Your post made me laugh and cry as I sit here and type with 6 fingers as my right wrist is broken and in a cast. I can identify with the things it takes 2 hands to do. I am totally right handed. I started with a pink cast like yours, then an orange one that at least freed my fingers, but it was torture until my Dr. sliced it open so I had breathing room. My next one was neon green and now my last one is dark purple...2 more weeks. In my 40's I lived 3000 miles from home, I love Jesus too and know that all things work together for good to them that love God. I'm 64, don't have gray hair but I have other stuff :) and I love style, although having a cast has limited what I can wear. My husband just said your cast looks worse than mine, ah perspective, 2 more weeks, then therapy. You have encouraged me thanks!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm happy that I was able to encourage you! I hope that yours heals the rest of the way quickly and that therapy goes smoothly. :) It was nice to "meet" you!


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