October is Healthy Lung Month

October is National Healthy Lung Month.  I have been asked by a Mesothelioma 10 year survivor to help spread awareness about lung health.  Heather Von St. James was a brand new, young mother when she was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  

Heather had unknowingly been exposed to asbestos when she was a young child via her dad's work jacket.  There was asbestos dust on his jacket.  

The thought of unknowingly bringing asbestos dust into the house scares me because my hubby worked for a company that worked in asbestos removal and remediation.  He was always very careful about undressing in the garage if he was ever on any asbestos jobs.  Thankfully, we know a lot more about asbestos now than we did when Heather was growing up.  But it still freaks me out a little bit that all of us could have been exposed--especially my young kids.

Heather was first diagnosed when she went to the doctor for breathlessness, sallow skin and exhaustion.  The CT scan on her lungs showed a mass in the lower part of one of her lungs.
Heather underwent treatment including surgery, chemo and radiation.   You can read the rest of her story at the website above.  She is inspirational in the way that she faced her fears and is now trying to raise awareness.

Here are some facts to know for healthy lung month:
 Heather and her family thank you for reading and for helping to spread the word for awareness.

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