Our Organic Produce Haul This Week

Yay! We were able to order more organic produce this week. I ordered from two different companies this week. I spent $34.99 at Door to Door organics.  I like this company because they deliver directly to my door. Here's what we got for our $34.99.

We also ordered from Blue Sky Green Fields this week and spent around $32.
So. for around $67, our organic produce haul this week included:
3 bunches of organic broccoli
2 organic spaghetti squash
1 head organic romaine
2 organic zucchini
1 organic cucumber
3 organic green pears
1 organic asian pear
1 organic persimmon (which none of us liked)
1 organic yellow onion
2 1/2 pounds of organic yellow potatoes
3 pounds of organic fuji apples
4 organic avocadoes
2 conventional jalapenos
3 organic lemons
5 organic plum tomatoes
1 bunch of organic cilantro
1 bunch of organic parsley
3 organic red peppers
1 bunch organic green chard
2 bunches of organic kale
2 of the hugest organic beets I've ever seen

I'm pretty happy with our haul!  Now, it's time to get my salad on!

Do you try to purchase organic produce? Do you have any organic delivery services in your area?

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