Tart and Spicy Green Tea Veggie Soup

 I wanted to use some of my veggies to make a warming soup,

but I realized I don't have any beef or chicken broth in the house.  I decided to use green tea and lemon ginger tea as my base for this soup instead.  Last Winter I was making a lot of spicy, lemony soups and I figured "Why not try the lemon ginger tea in this recipe?

I started by boiling 2 cups of water in a small to medium saucepan.
Then, I added my two teabags and let them steep for five minutes.
After the tea bags were done steeping, I removed them and added 1 cup of grape tomatoes that were cut in half.
I cooked the grape tomatoes in the tea for 5 minutes.
Then, I added the sliced semi-hot pepper, 2 sliced mushrooms and 1/3 cup of quick-cook brown rice.
I turned the burner to medium and cooked for 8 minutes.

The rice will be al dente at this point.  If you would like to try this recipe and like your rice softer, you could add a couple more minutes.
At this point, I turned the burner off and added 1 cup of baby spinach and 1 teaspoon of minced garlic.

I also added a huge dash of cayenne pepper because I've been cayenne-ing a lot of things lately in hopes of helping with the inflamed joints in my broken hand. 
(I tried to force one of the fingers to move too soon after it had been in the cast.)

I don't know if it was the semi-hot pepper or I was really heavy-handed on the cayenne, but whoo-boy!!  I burned the snot out of my mouth.  It's okay.  I love it hot!!

Have you ever used green tea in any recipes?

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  1. Now theres a new one, tea & soup, I have never thought about using it as a base. Smoothies for sure. Thanks for sharing on the #OMHGFF this week, appreciate your visit!!
    Thanks to for the mention with the backlink! :)
    Have a great day!

    1. You're welcome, of course! Thanks for hosting so many great parties at your blog! And as for the green tea~~I'm always up for an experiment!


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