WW This is MY Grrrrr Face w/LINKY

Come on now!  You didn't really think this was gonna be Wordless did you?

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 I know I've been dealing with this broken hand with humor a lot of times so far.  But the truth is it's just plain tedious and downright difficult at times.  It even got to the point of breaking my spirit, especially after my last appointment when they told me it wasn't healing.  I was already beginning to feel old because of my gray hair (which I usually love) and having to wear my glasses and no makeup.  Then the doctors started asking me if I have osteoporosis.  I truly was beginning to feel frail and fragile and broken.  It all just dragged me down for a bit.

Then, I had a friend who reminded me that it WILL heal in time and that nothing is too big or too broken for God to heal. 

So, spurred on by that fact and the feel-good hormones from our five mile walk a couple weeks ago, I decided to take my life back.  My "brittle bones" and whatever might be causing them can't define who I am and what I can accomplish with the rest of my life.  

I made a post to my personal Facebook page that I had:
worked my butt off in high school to earn a scholarship (which I lost after the first year~~such is life)
finished my degree while working full-time
moved to Ohio to be with someone after only seeing him in person about 10 days (we had known each other 6 years, but could only count in-person days on two hands!!)
carried to full term and birthed a 10 pound baby
and have trained for and walked 2 half marathons in the past year.

I have shown strength in my life in the past and I will continue to do so.  I just had to fall down in order to get back up again.

Sooooo, here's my 
GRRRRRRRRRRR face!!  I got this!
And thanks to all of my friends for supporting me and being there for me!

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