Broken Hand Update

 As some of you may know, I broke my hand nine weeks ago.  My dominant hand, of course.  It has been a challenge trying to get things done.  It has been a challenge trying to keep my spirits up as well.  For the first few checkups, which were done at three weeks after the break and then six weeks after the break, the doctor was telling me that it wasn't healing.  For reminder, here's what the break looked like.  It was a boxer fracture~~my 5th metacarpal.
I had a cast for the first three weeks and I couldn't move my hand at all.  The doctor put me in a brace for the second three weeks, and then a shorter brace the third three weeks. 

He wanted me in the shorter brace so that I could at least move my wrist so that it wouldn't get any stiffer.

When it was in the short brace for the third three weeks, we put a spacer between my pinky and ring finger so that my pinky would angle out a little more.

 My pinkies have a tendency to naturally curl in toward the center of my palm, so the doctor thought maybe that would help speed the healing process.  As is common sometimes with a boxer fracture, my pinky curls in even more now. 

Finally, when I went back last week, you could see that it was healing, but that jagged edge is still jagged.  I was extremely happy to see that it was healing on the inside, though.  I was encouraged by that.

I'm still wearing the shorter brace and the doctor wants me to take my brace off three times a day and do some little exercises to try to get the strength and flexibility back into my hand and wrist.  As it is right now, this is as far as I can bend my hand in.

 I don't want to push it though because I tried to push my middle finger to bend too soon six weeks ago and it's still injured.  So, I'm still a little gun-shy from that incident.  You can tell that at this point my pointer finger and middle finger are more flexible and more readily able to bend because they've been out of the cast and brace longer.

There is still a lot of swelling, and I assume that's from that sharp edge that hasn't healed yet. 
When I was at my appointment last week, the doctor said something about getting a bone stimulator
to help with the healing process.  I think the radiography board had to review all of the xrays from beginning to now first though.  I've read mixed things about using a bone stimulator though, with the last article saying that it does nothing at all.

We'll see!  Wish me luck with the rest of the journey!  I think I read somewhere that it takes just as long to get movement back as the length of time that you were in the cast/brace.  Eeeek!  The doctor said to me last time, "I'm sure you're ready to be able to use it again!"

And yes, YES I AM!  My hubby asked me last week what I was going to do when I could use two hands again.  I told him I was going to conquer the world!

Have you ever been through anything like this before?

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