Deer Ticks and Missing Cat, That's How Monday Goes

I have long ago given up on having a normal day.  Now, I guess we just take days as they are and expect the unexpected.  I was hoping to at least have a relaxing day today since we had so much going on this weekend and so much cleaning leading up to the weekend.

It was a great weekend filled with family and friends.  My brother-in-law flew in Thursday night for a surprise get-together for my father-in-law's 70th birthday party on Friday night.  So, it was nice that my kids got to see their uncle for a couple days.  And it was nice to go out to dinner and have cake with everyone on Friday night.

Then Saturday night my other mother-in-law came over to babysit so that my hubby and I could go to a wedding celebration at his dropzone.  The couple that had the surprise wedding in Ecuador in August had their stateside celebration finally.  It was a pigroast at the dropzone.  It was a beautiful clear night, although really chilly.  The sky was so clear, you could see galaxies, not just stars.  I even saw a meteor! 

Yesterday, I spent a lot of the day cutting the veggies from our most recent organic haul.  It is surprising how long it takes me with a broken hand! 

While my hubby was fixing the latest thing to go wrong on our van and I was cutting the veggies, the kids decided to go for a walk in the woods.  Unfortunately, we found out this morning that they brought a little unwanted visitor back with them!

Yesterday, after being out in the woods, my daughter came up to me and asked if she was bleeding.  I was like, "Good grief girl!  What did you do?" There was what looked like four little globs of
dried blood.  We cleaned her up and I had my hubby look at it.  We figured she just got caught on a stick or something in the woods.

When I went in to wake her up this morning, I checked on her boo-boo. When I pushed her ear back to see it, I something small and wiggly on the back of her ear.  My first thought was that it was a little spider.  It was the craziest looking thing.  It's little legs were moving, but it was staying in the same position.  Creeeee-py!

I went to get tweezers and that sucker was so hard to get off.  After reading more about ticks, I figured out why.  The part of their mouth that they put into the skin has barbs on it.  They also have some kind of substance that is like cement that cements them to their host.  Luckily, we got the tick off before it could start feeding on her.  According to most things that I've read, the bacteria that causes Lyme's disease doesn't go into the host until after the tick is fully engorged.

We called the doctor and she said to just put Neosporin on it and as long as the tick wasn't engorged we should be good.

She has a little bruise on the back of her ear now where we pulled it out.

I think I need my kids to wear bug spray in the woods from now on!

I checked my son as soon as he was back from school and didn't find anything on him, thank goodness!

Also last night.. . . . . .our cat didn't come home.  That little booger snuck into the next door neighbor's barn and pooped in his 57 Chevy.  She got herself locked in his barn overnight.  We had no idea where she was until our neighbor called today around 2:00. 

I had just gotten home from picking up my little tick-bite victim from school. Her bite was bothering her and giving her a headache.  My hubby called and asked if I could please go get the cat. 

The cat is back safe and sound, but she's "grounded" now and is not allowed out for the rest of the night.  Our little wanderer.

How was your Monday?

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