Finally Loaded the Wine Rack #WW w/Linky

My long lost wine rack has finally made it back to me!  Well, it wasn't lost. It was living in my dad and stepmom's house. When I moved up fifteen years ago, I couldn't bring everything with me.  My sister ended up with my sleeper sofa. My mom ended up with my bed. And my step mom ended up with my wine rack.

My dad and stepmom recently remodeled their kitchen and they no longer have a place for my wine rack.

I remember when I bought this thing. My mom and my sister and I were having a day out shopping at one of the bigger malls.  I saw the wine rack and knew I had to have it. I felt like such a grownup with my very own wine rack!  I'm sure I immediately went out and bought wine to fill it.  I found wine with really cool labels. I'm sure I already knew that I preferred red wine by then, but I was filling the rack with cute bottles. My step mom had at least one of those original bottles until about two years ago.  That would make that bottle probably around 17 years old. . . . .and I'm sure that it's not the type of wine that should be in a bottle that long.

Now that I finally have it back, I have refilled it. Well, actually it took me a couple months. It came back in the van with us when we came back from Florida in the beginning of August.
It is completely filled with cheap wine!  Since we live on one income, we do cheap wine.  I bought 12 bottles to get the case discount and then 3 of the wines have rebates right now.

I'm just happy to have it back and fully loaded. I'm happily married and love my kids, but it's nice to have one little item from my singledom past.

Now, everybody sing, "Red, red wiiiiine."

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