Gray Wool for Fall and Winter #fashionfun

I have been a big fan of gray for about 8 years now. That's when we decided to do our first kitchen remodel in gray, stainless and maple. We just recreated that kitchen in our new house. We still have the gray walls. And as you know, I went gray with my hair three years ago as well. When I decided to go gray with my hair, I found myself subconsciously choosing gray colors in my clothing as well. I was joking with my hubby one time and stood against our wall and said "Look! I'm camouflaged! You can't see me!" You know. . . .because of the gray walls, and the gray hair and the gray clothes. . . . .I guess I'm still on a gray streak, because I found these things that I love in gray wool.

Isn't the lace on front of the dress pretty?  And truthfully I feel like fedoras should be played out by now since I got my first one over 6 years go.  But, I truthfully still like them and hope they're not going anywhere any time soon.

As for the pants??  They make a great alternative to a maxiskirt if you're just a pants kind of gal.

Gray Wool I Love for Fall/Winter

Which is your favorite gray item from this set?

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