Organic Food Haul this Week

I ordered organic food from one company this week ~~ Door to Door Organics.  Right now, it just makes it easier to have it delivered directly to my door.

I got two whole chickens and a pound of free-range ground pork this week and a half gallon of whole cream top milk from one of the local dairies.  Plus, I got two more blocks of the raw milk white cheddar and a dozen eggs.

I ended up spending around $73 for this week's haul.  Looking at it, it doesn't look like much, but eating free-range and organic isn't cheap. It makes me feel good that I'm supporting local farmers who raise their animals in a more sustainable way.  Plus, they deliver it right to my door! 
All together, I got:
1 head of organic cabbage
6 organic bananas
1 head of organic Romaine
1 organic cucumber
2 organic red tomatoes
2 organic kiwis
1 pound of organic baby carrots
2 organic gala apples
2 whole organic chickens
1 pound of free range pork
1 dozen organic free range eggs
(2) 6 oz. blocks of organic raw milk white cheddar
1/2 gallon local whole cream top milk

Considering that I can make at least 3 - 4 meals with the meat that I've bought and then make homemade chicken stock with the bones from the whole chicken, it's not that bad.  I'm trying to stay under $500 every month with groceries.  I know that there are people who "feed their family of 5 on $200 a month", but are they doing it with organic food?   So, I'm on that delicate balancing platform of trying to see how much organic we can buy and still maintain a livable budget.

These are the ways that I used last week's organic purchases this week:

Chickpea and Green Chard Stew with Morrocan Spices

Split Yellow Pea and Kale Soup

Baked Hasselback Potatoes with Broccoli and Yogurt Cheese Sauce and Salad Bar
Pasta Salad
Spaghetti Squash with White Bean Sauce
Pork and Cabbage Soup
Simmered Sweet and Tangy Beetroot

I forgot that I was going to use my Yukon Gold Potatoes for Beef Stew on Saturday when I used them for the Hasselback Potatoes, so the beef stew will have to wait until I get more organic potatoes.

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