Pregnancy Test~~Because There Are No Menopause Tests

I guess I should clarify that a little bit.  There are no readily available menopause tests available at a drug store. . . . . .that I know of.  It's been 60 days since I began my period last time.  It might be my body's way of giving me a break while I still can't use my hand 100% yet.  Let me tell you, getting through my period last time only using my weak hand was no easy task.  I know, I know. 


But what if you ever have to go through it?  At least you've been warned!

I figure it would make a pretty interesting story if I was pregnant.
 First of all, my hubby had the operation seven years ago to make sure we didn't have any more kids.  Two was enough for him, financially, emotionally and time-wise.  I wanted one more, but the two I have are perfect.  I got lucky with one boy and one girl.  But, I think we've all heard of oops babies that have happened after a vasectomy.
 Second of all, I'm 45.  I know that there are women who still willingly get pregnant at this age, but I  don't want to be one of them.  My hubby is happy that he can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I on the other hand am walking as slowly as possible through the tunnel.  I have no idea what in the world I am even going to do with myself once my kids are gone.  That does not mean I want to prolong it by having another child.
 Third of all, I have been dealing with this broken hand.  I can't even tell you how many Xrays I've been through!  Not good for a growing baby.

Can you imagine?!?  What did you do when you turned 45, Quirky??

Oh nothing. . . . .just broke my hand at Oktoberfest and got pregnant.

Except I didn't.  Thank Goodness.  The pregnancy test is negative and now I have 10 months to go until I can say that I'm in menopause.  Or I could start my period tomorrow and have to begin the "countdown" all over again!

My hormones and periods started getting wacky about four years ago when I started blogging.  It has been a crazy roller coaster since then.  This is the longest I have ever gone between periods though.  This whole change of life thing is for the birds!

Can I get an agreement on that?

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