Broken Hand Update

It has now been more than 90 days since I broke my hand.  It's still not 100%.  I still have pain when I move it the wrong way and I'm scared that I might do something to impede the healing process more.  But, when I went to for my follow-up appointment yesterday the doctor told me to only wear my brace if I'm going to be really active.  I wonder what he means by active? 

Here's a picture of a printout of my xray.  It's hard to tell that it's healing unless you know what you're looking at.  It's hard to tell by the xray, but it's starting to bridge between the bone where it's broken.

This was the original xray, below.  Hard to tell a difference, right?  But it's there.

I begin occupational therapy on Wednesday next week.  My hubby says things like, "Isn't it fun learning how to use your hand again?" in an attempt to make me feel better about the whole situation.  I told him that I know he's trying to make me feel better,  BUT, wrapping one gift yesterday darn near broke me!  Everything is just still frustrating.  I know it will get better, though.

The doctor told me that they had no idea my treatment would take so long.  He said that I must be a "slow healer."  Yesterday he told me that when I first came in he figured I would heal really quickly.  He also said that usually when you "look so young on the outside" that that's usually what is happening on the inside, too.  Young outside~~young inside.  I went through all kinds of bloodwork during this process to try to find a reason why it was healing so slowly, but all of my bloodwork came back normal.  I had a bone density test done (just the heel test), which also came back normal. 

Who knows why this thing is healing so slowly, but it is healing.  It's hard to see on the Xray, but that sharp edge is finally starting to soften and the bone is bridging and forming a callus finally.

Wish me luck as I begin occupational therapy!

Have you ever broken your hand?

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