Fitness Goals | How That December Challenge is Going

First of all, I don't know why anyone would make a fitness challenge for December.  BUT, I did.  It was inspired by my new Glasstic Yoga Water Bottle (you can enter for your chance to win one of your own through a link in the sidebar!)

 I began the challenge by challenging myself to do Yoga and/or Pilates every day in December except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I truthfully blew it right from the beginning.  I figured I would either double up for days I missed or extend it through January.  I didn't come up with the challenge until December 2nd. 

It's only the 10th and I've already missed 4 days.  I haven't doubled up any of my workouts yet.  So, I'll have to decide when I'm going to do that.  I printed out a calendar so that I can have my progress and accountability right in front of my face!

Considering I haven't been working out consistently in a very long time, what I've done isn't that bad. . .  . . it's just far short of my goal of doing it daily.  Anything is better than nothing though, right?

Here's what I've done so far:
November 30th (doesn't count!) Walked 5 miles
December 3: Pilates
December 7: 30 minutes cardio, Pilates
December 8: 40 minutes cardio, 100 squats
December 9: 20 minute yoga DVD (It's all I had time for!)
Today:  To be determined!  (Between having to clean, organize the craft room to hide gifts and driving an hour and half round trip for my orthopedic appointment and then who knows how long the actual appointment will take, we'll see!)

I've decided to change it to a "fitness" challenge instead of a yoga/pilates challenge.  That way, I can include the days that my friend and I get a chance to walk.  Or, if the kids are really into something they're watching on TV, I can just throw my step out there and start stepping (yeah, I workout old-school style!) 

I think December was a crazy choice for a time to start because there is so much going on.  I know you all feel me, right?  Between trying to order gifts. . . . . I just told my hubby last night, "We have got to get our rears in gear!  We're running out of time!" and wrapping those gifts and hiding the gifts that are being sent up from Florida, it's just a busy time. 

Plus, my hubby and daughter both have birthdays in December.  I also have two separate family dinners planned with my hubby's family.  I'll be hosting my daughter's birthday party and a family dinner on the same day. . . . . . which I LOVE.  . . don't get me wrong.  I love entertaining.  But all of the planning and stuff takes time.  And working out takes time.

I also have a lot of product reviews that I've been working on.  You'll see some of those coming soon!

It's just a matter of making fitness a priority.

Today I have my orthopedic appointment to check the progress of my hand.  I can tell it's still broken in the one spot.  I'm going to try to get a picture of the Xray so that I can finally show my hubby. 

The hand is making doing yoga interesting, but not impossible.  Let's just say that I'm not doing any of my DVDs that have sun salutation series.

How are you doing with your fitness goals?

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  1. Finding time for fitness is a problem for me as well. I like the Yoga/Pilates challenge though. I am definitely going to be more focused come January. Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)


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