Fitness Workout Update

I had a pretty decent start on my fitness since the last time I updated you guys, but then it went down in the last couple days!  I'm now back to having to make up 6 days.  I count each day as a 20 minute increment when I go to make them up.  That means I'm now 2 hours behind for the month of December so far.  That doesn't actually sound that bad.  I have 11 days left that are "workout" days.  I should be able to spread that 2 hours out over that 11 days as long as I don't fall farther behind.

Since I last updated you, here's what my week looked like:

Saturday: Went hiking with the hubby and kids
Sunday:  Nothing!
Monday: 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of Pilates and 20 minutes of yoga
Tuesday:  36 minutes of cardio and 4 minutes of strectching.
Wednesday:  Nothing
Thursday:  Nothing--unless you count the crouching/squatting position I had to hold for one of our family photos we were taking.  Youch, thighs!  Hehe.  That was only about 3 minutes. 

Hopefully today I will be able to squeeze at least 20 minutes in so that I don't fall even farther behind.  BUT, today is the kids' last day of school until January.  My hubby and I are going to try to finish up shopping today and I also have to clean the house for Future Fashionista's birthday party tomorrow and make sure I have everything ready.

Another "stumbling" block is that I have to do my occupational therapy hand exercises 6+ times per day.  I really hope I'm making my 6 times per day.  I am so ready to have this hand back to as close to normal as possible.  That therapy is extremely painful.  It is so crazy how stiff everything can get when you don't use it!  As they say, "Use it or lose it!"  I really wish I didn't have to stay in the cast/brace for so long.

How are your fitness goals going? 

I'm hoping to start more strength training in January once my hand becomes stronger. 

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