Fitness Workout Update

I updated you guys last Friday on how my December fitness goals were going and I was pretty far behind by that point last week.  And I did NOT manage to squeeze that 20 minute workout in that I was hoping for last Friday.  I also didn't work out on Saturday last week.

So beginning on Sunday this week, this is how my week is going so far:

Sunday:  1 hour of cardio (on my step)  It's my replacement for walking when my friend and I don't get to walk.  I also began a DVD that uses a weighted ball in the workout, but I only made it 9 minutes when my daughter wanted me to go out and get food.  So, I worked out 1 hour and 9 minutes that day and made up 2 of the sessions that I was behind.  If you remember I count each "session" as a 20 minute increment.

Monday: I didn't work out.  Oops!  Fell farther behind.

Tuesday:  I did 30 minutes of "walking" on my step, 20 minutes of yoga, 20 minutes of Belly Dance and 10 minutes of stretching.  I was able to make up 3  of my 20 minute sessions~~~catching up!

Wednesday: 20 minutes on my step, 12 minutes of boot camp DVD (which truthfully is more like a kickboxing DVD), 20 minutes of Pilates and 24 minutes of Belly Dance.  I was able to make up 3 of my 20 minute sessions.

Now, I'm only 1 session behind, which should be easy to make up as long as I don't fall behind again.  I'm supposed to have tomorrow and Christmas day off, but I'm going to see if I can fit at least a 20 minute session in tomorrow.

I love working out at home in my living room.  I know a lot of people like going to a gym. Especially heavy lifters.  I've never been that girl.  I just don't like working out in front of people.  The only time I've ever gone to a gym is when my friend and I went to a small gym that was attached to our daughters' gymnastics studio.  At that point I was doing more strength training than I've ever done.  I'm not ready to start strength training just yet again. .  . . . . . maybe at the end of January or February.  My hand is just not ready for lifting yet.

 I have so many DVDs that I love.  I have several different yoga and pilates DVDs and then several belly dance DVDs and a couple different boxing DVDs and some that are just general or some that use other kinds of props like a weighsted ball or weighted bar.  Working out this way works for me for now.  My hubby also works out at home, but he does Insanity or T25.

Here are the videos I used this week:
I love the belly dance one.  I haven't done it in a while!!  I have a couple other belly dance DVDs, but I think I'm going to try to master the moves in this one before I move on.

The Cardio Boot Camp DVD is nothing like one of my other Boot Camp workouts, but my favorite boot camp workout is a VHS tape and I can't find the same thing on DVD.  This one seems like more of a kickboxing workout than bootcamp.  I did the 2nd workout on the DVD today and it begins with a Tai Chi warmup and then does a couple boxing things and has a small portion that you use dumbbells for.

The Yoga Makeover I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  It's only 20 minutes.  It has a lot of twists, which I love for my back.  It also has Eagle Pose, which I love and a couple chair position poses, lunges and dolphin pose, among others.

The Pilates one is just a basic Pilates DVD, but it's the first Pilates DVD I ever did and it works for me.  I was never able to flatten or contract my lower abs until I trained them with this DVD.  That was 15 years ago.  I have a couple other Pilates DVDs that I also love.  I might switch to one of those next week for something different.

How are you doing with your fitness goals?

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