My Adult Coloring Adventures

 My daughter wanted Adult coloring books for Christmas.  There were specific ones that she wanted and I think she got them.  Between her birthday gifts and Christmas gifts she got about 8 books.  She just took off with a few of them.  Once she's back and we have all the books together I'll try to get a picture of them.

She's been kind enough to let me color in one of her books.  I've been doing it with my recovering broken hand.  I can do it for a little while, but those last two fingers that I'm working on in occupational therapy get all curled up and begin aching after a while.

I think it's probably great therapy for me to use my hand this way, but I have to stop and stretch it out every now and then.

Here are the two pictures that I'm working on.  I'm not done with either one of them yet.  I used every color of the rainbow in the first one with colored pencils.

The second one I used purples, oranges and greens in my fine-tipped Sharpie markers.  I had these when I was trying to stamp jewelry.  That's something that I definitely can't do again yet because it's hard to hammer with my big ol' mallet!  My hand isn't strong enough yet. So, I might as well use my markers to color adult coloring books!

Have you tried the adult coloring books or adult coloring pages that you can find online?

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