Quick and Easy Burlap Tree Skirt

I decided that I wanted a rustic feel with my Christmas decorations, incorporating burlap this year.  I had a roll of burlap that a friend had given me that I wanted to use to make some Christmas decorations.  She let me borrow it for a craft back in the Spring.  I asked her if she needed her burlap back, because if not I was gonna use it!  She told me she didn't need it back, so I went for it!  I'm thinking about decorating the edge to give it a little more decoration.

This burlap tree skirt is super easy.  It uses:

5 yards of 36" burlap
3 arm-lengths of yarn or ribbon
Needle with a big enough eye for yarn.  If you have a problem getting the yarn threaded, fold it between a piece of paper and slip it through the eye.

Begin by making big, gathering stitches through the burlap fabric about an inch and a half away from an edge.

Leave a long length on the end that you begin on.

You'll use the yarn to tie a bow once you put it around the tree.  That way when Christmas is over you can slide the yarn out and reuse the burlap for other projects.
Stitch all the way through the entire 5 yards on the long edge. 

Gather it as you go. Gather it all the way to carry it to the tree.

Place around the tree and space it and gather it to make a circle around the base of the tree.

If you have your tree in a corner or by a way, turn the open edges toward the back and tie your bow. 

Quick, Easy and Rustic.  As I said,  I might give it a little more decoration, but it has to be something I can remove to reuse the burlap.

It's getting so close to Christmas!  Do you have all of your decorations done?

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