Terra Friendly Portable Solar Powered Night Light Lantern

My daughter still likes to sleep with a night-light.  Right now we're using little ones that plug into the wall.  They work well for us and they go off when the room is light enough that it's not needed.  But, my daughter can't take it out of the wall and carry it with her if she needs a light.  The same would be true of a corded lamp.

We were recently given the opportunity to try out a Terra Friendly Solar Powered Lantern.  We received it at a discount to facilitate this review.  All opinions are our own.  We were so excited when we got the box.  I was surprised by how small the box was.

The lantern and it's cover come shipped flat.  The lantern can be blown up into the shape of a cube. 

To "assemble" the lantern, you blow it up halfway.  Then, you pull the cover over it and finish blowing it up.  After that, you straighten out the cover.  The fabric covers are handmade in the USA.  We got a cute owl print since Future Fashionista has an owl-themed room.  It is a super-soft flannel.  There are 14 patterns to choose from on Amazon, including holidays and a couple different planetary/star patterns.

I like that the lantern is portable.  It has little plastic handles on either end to carry the lantern.

 That's good for if Future Fashionista wants to walk around with it.  It would be perfect during the Summer when we have bonfires, because our bonfire pit is way out back.  It's a long walk without some kind of light! 

It would also be good for people who have hot tubs or pools.  It is water-proof.  It can be submerged without fear of being shocked because it has a PVC waterproof enclosure.

Unfortunately, it is not sunny long enough during the day right now for us to get a full charge onto this thing.  I know that it can be charged because it came with a 75% charge.  We were able to have it lit at the highest setting for about 4 hours with that 75% charge.  So, it would last longer than that on the lower setting.  There are three settings:  Low, High and blinking (for emergencies.) 

We've only been able to get it to charge to 25% since we've had it because the sun is not strong enough for long enough time during the Winter in the Midwest.  On that 25% charge, we were able to keep the lantern lit for about a half hour to an hour on the lowest setting.  This would be long enough if Future Fashionista only needed it to fall asleep to. 

It will charge under our halogen lights, but it won't charge under our CFL bulbs. We never leave our lights on long enough for it to charge inside either though.  It would kind of defeat the purpose of it being solar, right?  But, if we already have the lights on for another reason, I can pop it under there.  The lantern will charge while it's inflated or while it's flat. 

There is a 3.7 VDC Lithium Polymer Battery and 10 LED lights. It is supposed to have up to 500 recharges on the battery.  The lantern has a little display panel so that you can see how much it is charging.  There are little blue blinking lights, so that you can tell whether or not it's charging.  If it's at 100%, all four blue lights will be lit up.  The blue lights only stay on while it's charging.

I look forward to seeing what this cute little thing can do once the sun starts coming out more next Spring and Summer.  I think it's a cute idea. 

The Terra Friendly company was "inspired by a desire to encourage everyone's connection to the outdoors."  They offer products "that improve our adventures, thus increasing our awareness of our awesome planetary home."

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