The AfterMath: Cleaning and Cleansing Today

After having a nice, relaxing day with family yesterday and a great dinner with family on Christmas Eve, today is about cleaning and cleansing for me.  My kids went out with their uncle to a movie today, so I'm going to take advantage of the quiet time by cleaning.  It SOOOOO needs to be done.

Since I've had a broken hand since the beginning of September, let's just say some things haven't been cleaned quite as well as I would have liked.  And I was kind of okay with that.  My mantra for a while has been, "It's not perfect but at least it's better than it was."

I also had quite a few product reviews I was doing last month.  Between all of the reviews, everyday living and preparations for the holidays. . .. . . let's just say some parts of my house were pretty neglected.  And gross.  Really, really gross.  Uh-hum. . . . . . . Master Bathroom, I'm talking about you.  I honestly can't believe I was still even using that bathroom it was so gross. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

It feels so AWESOME to finally be able to clean that thing!  I love going in and seeing a nice, sparkly sink.  . .. .. . and no silver hair on the rugs (once I kick the cat off the rug to vacuum!). . . . . . . and nice, clean grout in the shower.

Kitty even hung out with me while I was cleaning!

I'm even going to wash the walls and vacuum out the little corners.  I'm going to save all of the heavy-duty organizing for January.  I'll be coming up with an organization schedule before then to try to get some things organized in the New Year.  But, I love my clean fixtures again!

I'm also going to be "cleansing" today.  I was so puffy when I woke up this morning.  Uggggg.  I have had so much salt in the last two days.  I planned on eating all of that stuff.  I was looking forward to it!  I don't eat that way every day, after all.  But the puffiness. . . . .geez!!!

I don't fast.  I won't fast.  I believe in food.  *wink, wink*  I will never deprive myself of food.  So, instead I began my day with oatmeal and banana.  I drank my GreensPlus and I'm going to drink plenty of water today and eat mainly fruits and veggies.  That's my "cleanse."  I might take some extra chlorella and some Milk Thistle.  And I'll definitely avoid alcohol and coffee today.  I might do some green tea.  We'll see.

It feels so good to finally be able to get some cleaning done!!!

Update 4:47 P.M. ~~ I have failed miserably at my "cleanse."  Someone needs to take these cookies away. I suppose I was setting myself up for failure this close to Christmas.  Next time I'll wait until January 4th!  At least I did have a good start with my oatmeal, GreensPlus and chlorella.  I have also been really good with water and green tea consumption today.  And as of right now I still haven't had coffee or alcohol. That might be all out the door if friends come over tonight, though.  We'll see.  'Tis the Season!

And on the cleaning front. . . . . . may I ask. . . . . . .Is it too much to ask to be able to find a vacuum cleaner that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and STILL picks up everything you need it to pick up?

How are your faring after your holiday?

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