Don't Be a Negativity Sponge OR Mirror

If you're seeking joy in your life this is a very important rule to follow.
 Don't be a negativity sponge.  Or Mirror.

There will be people in your life who are negative or can't control their emotions.  It is easy as a human to get caught up in other people's emotions.  It's human nature.  If none of us had empathy we'd be a very poor species, indeed.  Unfortunately, a lot of times you can get caught up feeling too many negative emotions when YOU weren't the one who originally HAD the emotions.

As humans, we feed off of each others energy and emotions, whether they are positive OR negative.

If you come in contact with someone who is having a bad day and has become negative, it's important to be conscious of your own feelings. 
You can start to absorb the other person's negative feelings and energy very quickly if you're not careful.  You can become a negativity sponge.  Unfortunately, once you absorb those negative emotions, they can be hard to shake off! 

If you feel yourself starting to feel those negative emotions, remind yourself that just because the other person is having a bad day or is emotionally negative, YOU don't have to be.  That doesn't mean you can't be empathetic.  You can try to understand why the other person is having "a moment", but don't let their moment become your moment.

Give yourself a minute to remind yourself that it's the other person's negativity.  Whether the person in moody, yelling, withdrawn, banging things around, it's their mood.  Not yours.  Remind yourself that moods don't have to be contagious.  Give yourself a "joy vaccine" and give the other person space to feel their emotions.  The negative emotions are very real to them at that time.  Let them feel their emotions and move on.  Do NOT let them drag your emotions into it.  It will only make things worse.

This is when you don't want to be a negativity mirror.  It is so easy to want to get mad at a person who is moody and yelling.  Sometimes when people are angry, you feel like you're being attacked.  That's not always the case.  Sometimes the other person just needs to vent.  But, if their negativity makes you feel like you're being "attacked", it's easy to want to fire back.  You become a mirror to their negativity.  Don't become a mirror!  This will only prolong the negativity because it will escalate into more negativity.  Things could be said that you can't take back.  Just try to remove yourself from the situation if possible or try to remain calm.

The most important thing to remember is to be aware of your own feelings and KNOW that you are in control of them. 

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