Friday Fitness Update 2016 Week 3

We have been through 3 weeks in 2016!!  How are you doing with your 2016 goals so far, fitness or otherwise?  I was doing pretty well this past week until I got hit with a little tummy virus yesterday.  Hopefully all of the good-for-me food and green tea I've been consuming will help me get over it fairly quickly.  My immune system should be pretty good from all of that stuff lately!  If you'd ever like to get more of a sneak peek into my food choices, etc. you can follow me on Instagram. 

Here is what week 3 looked like.  I always do my updates from Saturday - Friday.

Saturday:  Climbed these stairs 5 times.  Boy my legs were burning by the time we got to the top!  They're about 3 levels.  So,  15 levels total?  I'm calling this 15 minutes. 
What do these stairs lead to? 

They lead to 1 of the 50 items on my "50 Before Fifty" list. . . .
Go Tobogganing!  Check!

Here's what the rest of the week looked like:
Sunday:  20 Minutes Yoga from Sara Ivanhoe's Yoga Body Makeover Series , plus 9 1/2 real pushups
Monday: 30 minutes on the step, 20 minute abwork from Kathy Smith - Fat Burning Pilates, and 22 minutes from Jillian Michaels Killer Arms & Back.
Tuesday:  30 minutes from Jillian Michaels Killer Abs and 15 minutes of the Pilates Leg workout on the Kathy Smith Fat Burning Pilates DVD.
Wednesday: Day Off 
Thursday:  Sick
Friday:  I hope to do a 20 minute Yoga DVD.  That might be all I can handle as I'm healing from this tummy virus.  

My total of minutes for this past week is:  173 minutes.  I have a goal of working out 840 minutes in January.  With my 173 minutes this week, that brings my January total so far to 523.  That means I still have 317 minutes left to work out in January.  That's about 40 minutes/day until the end of the month.  Whew!  We'll just see what happens!

How are you doing with your fitness goals? 

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  1. I need to be doing this! I need to start back to daily walking & hiking. With the rains it's be sporadic but, I am determined this year to be more active.

    1. Good Luck Theresa! I find when I have to track it and tell people it makes me a lot more accountable. I love having DVDs that I can do at home. It makes things much easier.

  2. I like how you're switching it up and doing something different each day, what a great idea to keep working out fun!

    Julie @ Fab Working Mom Life

    1. It really does make things more fun, Julie! I think I'm going to do boxing workout today. That one always kicks my bootie! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I like that you are switching around using different workout videos. I just started on my own fitness journey to use things like youtube to get healthier. Our library has some amazing workout videos so Im going to work some of those in too. Im going to check today and see if they have any of these! Ill keep cheering you on!
    Have a great week!
    Amber Neal @ Adventures in Mindful Living


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