Meal Plan Monday and Organic Produce Haul Last Week

 It' Monday again, which means it's Meal Plan time.  It's only Monday and we've already had changes to our plan this week, which started last night.  I was planning on making Salmon last night, but my hubby decided to teach The Builder how to make breakfast.  Salmon has been moved to tonight!

Here's what this week's plan looks like.  You know how things
change, though!

Sunday:  Boys cooked breakfast (eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, french toast, toast).  I had a salad.
Monday:  Salmon with mango and avocado salsa.  Kale.  Brown Rice.
Tuesday:  Rice and Bean Enchiladas with Whole Wheat tortillas.  (Mine without cheese!)
Wednesday: Chicken Fried Rice
Thursday:  Vegetable Soup
Friday: Chili
Saturday:  Every man for himself!

Here is what our organic and/or veggie haul looked like last week.  My order was a day late, so I didn't actually get my organic order until Friday.  I can already tell you that I'll probably go way over my budget this month.  I was going to try to see if I could stick to a $350 grocery food budget, but I will probably end up closer to $400.  I've already spent about $185 so far in January.

Here are some organic things that I got from Aldi.  I love that they have some organic things.  Beans, chicken broth, ground beef, frozen berries and hydroponic living lettuce.

We got some of our fruits and veggies from Aldi last week.  The ones below are conventional
~~not organic.  Berries are usually supposed to be one of the things you buy organic, but the raspberries were such a good price at $1.49!!  I wish I would have bought more than 3 containers.  We also got green peppers, avocadoes, bananas and kiwi.

The stuff below was from our Organic Produce haul that we order from Blue Sky Green Fields.
I ordered the Fruit Sampler last week, which when I got it looked like I should have gotten more for right under $19.  But, at least it was all organic.  It was 2 organic grapefruits, a 2 pound bag of organic clementines, 3 organic cara cara navels and 2 organic mangoes.
We also got 2 bags of organic baby carrots (which were our bonus last week), 1 organic red onion, 2 pints of organic grape tomatoes, 3 organic green peppers and 2 organic cucumbers.
We got 1 head of organic Romaine lettuce (which took me forever to wash!), 2 bunches of organic green onions and 1 bunch of organic green kale.
I think the organic Madjool dates were a bonus for my order being a day late.
And finally, I got FOUR bunches of radishes with greens attached.  I'm going to have to deal with the rest of those sometime today!  The radishes were conventional.
Today, I got more citrus because the store had bags Buy 1 Get 1 Free.  I was a sucker for the BOGO!
I got 2 bags of Cara Cara Navels, a bag of lemons and another bunch of bananas.  None of these were organic, unfortunately.  Also, not shown are a 1 pound container of organic baby spinach and an 8 oz. container of mushrooms.
Of the approximately $185 I've spent so far on groceries this month, $90 has been organic or produce.
So half my money has gone toward things that are better for us.
 $90- Produce or organic products

Here's the rest of the breakdown of where my grocery dollars are going:
$14.44 --  Whole grain bread or rice products
 $7.17 -- eggs
$5.98 --  almond milks
$3.89 -- salmon
$6.57 -- cheese
$4.38 -- yogurt
$8.78 -- almonds & mixed nuts
A grand total of about $141 went toward healthier options, with the remaining $44 going toward household items or less healthy options like chicken nuggets, chicken sausage, toilet paper, plastic zippered bags, etc.

I'm happy with the ratio of healthier options to the non-healthy options, now I just have to figure out how to keep it all between $350 - $400/month.

What's on your meal plan this week? 

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