Keep Ears Warm During Cold Weather Walks with Finish It Ponytail Headband

The last time my friend and I were training for our half marathon, we had to begin training in the Winter months.  Some days it was just too cold and snowy and we had to go to the mall to walk.  Yep!  We were mall walkers.  If the sun was out though, we would walk outside.  We're blessed to have a wonderul Metroparks system here that is really nice for walking, hiking, biking, etc.  If it was even in the low 30's, if the sun was out, we tried to walk outside.

Walking outside when it's 30 degrees can give me a headache if my ears get too cold.  Last year I tried to sew a fleece headband to keep my ears warm.  The problem was. . . . that thing was so bulky.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a Ponytail Headband by Finish It Gear.  I received it at a huge discount in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are 100% mine.   

I was hoping that my hair was long enough for this to be able to wear a ponytail.  Unfortunately, I'm either too uncoordinated to do this, OR my ponytail is just not long enough yet.  The hole in the headband fits pretty low on your head so that you have to wear a low ponytail.  It's fortunate that the headband is sewn to fit the exact shape of the head, BUT since it's meant to fit so perfectly, that means the ponytail can only be in one place.

When I first got it, I tried three different ways to get it to work as a ponytail headband for me.  I tried to put my pony tail in first and then push the headband forward and then back to get my hair in it.  Then I tried to put it on as a headband first and then push my ponytail through the hole once it was on.  Then I tried to pre-make my ponytail with a ponytail holder and put it on.  My hair was having none of it.  My hair just isn't long enough from the crown of my head to my neck.  My hair falls out of the ponytail part and poofs up.

I do know that it works as a ponytail headband for people with longer hair because I've seen pictures.

The ponytail headband is made of a single-sided fleece.  That means it's a thick knit on one side and fleece on the inside.  That helps the headband to be less bulky (unlike the one I tried to sew myself.)  It also has an extra layer of fleece sewn in on the inside of the headband exactly where your ears are to keep your ears warmer.

It is also supposed to be wicking for sweat, but I don't sweat that much, so I can't say whether or not that's true.  I wore the headband while I was shoveling my driveway for an hour to try it out.  The headband stayed in place and kept my ears warm.

The headband seems to be sewn well and it's machine washable, although I have heard that some people hand wash it.  You can find the ponytail headband at Amazon.

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You can see my video review below.

Do you ever walk or run when it's cold outside?  How do you deal with your hair?  How about cold ears?

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