Take Your At-Home Workout to the Next Level with Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

Do you enjoy variety in your workouts?  I sure do.  You can probably tell that by my fitness updates every week.  I'm always doing something different and I love props that help me workout.  It has been a long time since I've had a stability ball.  I got rid of my last one because my kids were using it to throw at each other's heads in my living room.  It was a disaster waiting to happen!  Now, my kids are older and I JUMPED at the chance to get this one.

I JUST read last week that one of the top exercises you can do for your core is a crunch on a stability ball.  According to this post, crunches on a stability ball came in third on a list of best exercises for the rectus abdominis.

I received the Live Infinitely Exercise Ball for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are always 100% mine.   

The Live Infinitely exercise ball comes folded flat in a plastic bag.

 It also comes with a hand pump, two air plugs and an air plug- removal tool.  When you order through Amazon.com, you will also get an email from the company with a printable workout plan.

  I LOVE this feature.  I have one video that I can use with my exercise ball, but I love that I have additional options.  Sometimes, it's just not a good time to pop a DVD or tape in.  If the kids are watching TV, I can just carry my exercise ideas that Live Infinitely sent me wherever I go and do a couple of the exercises on the printable sheets.

The ball is easy to inflate with the included hand pump.  It takes more than a few pumps, but I just consider that part of the workout.  *wink, wink* Don't go thinking you can just pump up the ball and go, though.  The pumping process takes 24 hours.  You need to inflate the ball to 80% the first day to allow the ball to stretch.

  Then after 24 hours, you inflate it the rest of the way.  THEN, you can get on that thing and get your workout going.

They give you the measurements that the ball should be when it's 80% full the day you begin to inflate it.  They give the measurements 2 different ways, too.  For example, at 80% the 65 cm. ball will be 21 inches in diameter OR 64 inches in circumference. I measured mine the first day with a sewing measuring tape.  The second day, when I was filling it the rest of the way, I used a tape measure.  They suggest that you measure the correct distance from a wall and then place your box that the ball came in at that distance.  Then blow up your ball and it should touch the wall on one side and the box on the other.  I didn't actually blow mine up to the full 65 cm.  I'm not sure if that's because it doesn't go to the full 65 cm. or if I just felt like it was full enough for me and I stopped.  

Just be careful when you remove the air plug the second day.  I somehow managed to fling that thing right into my face. Leave it to me.  Grace & coordination have never been my strong suit.

I ordered the 65 cm. ball this time because I thought my last ball was too small.  Turns out the 65 cm. ball is a smidge too big for me for some of the exercises.  So, if you're 5'6" or shorter, go with the smaller ball (55 cm.).    Right now, Live Infinitely offers the exercise ball in these colors and sizes (which could change due to availability)~~~
Green 55 cm. ($22.99), 65 cm. ($24.90), 75 cm ($28.90).
Gray  55 cm.($21.90), 65 cm($24.90), 75 cm.($28.90), 85 cm ($29.90)
Purple 55 cm.($22.90), 65 cm($25.90).

All are offered through Amazon prime~~so, you know what that means?!?!  If you have Prime, you can have one of these babies at the price listed above, shipped for free!

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 The balls are made of professional grade PVC.  They are built to hold over 2,200 pounds.  They are also guaranteed not to explosively deflate even if there is a cut that's 2 cm. or smaller.

I love it and I can't wait to use it again!

Have you ever used an exercise stability ball for any of your workouts?

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  1. I did a review for this exercise ball a while back, too. I sure did love it, and my kids and I still use it! Thanks so much for linking up to Fitness Friday on Drops of Learning. Hope to see you back again tomorrow!


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