Wine Glass Craft | Decorative Wine Glass to Show 5 oz. Line

If you've read any articles on wine lately, you might have read that drinking a glass of red wine is equivalent to an hour of working out.  .  .  .  or something like that.  But did you know that a glass of wine is only five ounces?  If you're like me, you have no idea what five ounces of wine actually looks like in a wine glass.  

I did a DIY craft that was quick, easy and fun to show me where my five ounce line is on my wine glass.

We received these blue stemless wine glasses as a wedding favor at a wine-themed wedding we went to a couple years ago.  These are my go-to wine glasses now.  I love blue.  And I've found that stemless wine glasses are so much easier than wine glasses with stems.  They're a lot less wobbly and less likely to fall over and make messes. . . . . . .especially when there are kids around.  

This craft is super easy and only takes five items:

Wine glass of your choice
Measuring cup
Painter's tape
Oil based Sharpie Marker-- I used silver and gold

First, measure five ounces of water in your measuring cup.
Pour five ounces of water into your wine glass.
Mark where the line is with painters tape. 

Paint whatever design you like with your oil based Sharpie markers.

I've got to admit, five ounces is a LOOOOOOT less than I thought.  And to be quite truthful, there might be some nights that I'm not going to stop at those five ounces.  Like tonight.


By the way, I plan on hand-washing these.

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  1. This is an excellent idea! Now why didn't I think of that?! ;)


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