Essential Oils: The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide e-Book Review

I was recently given the opportunity to read a book called Essential Oils: The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide.  I was given a copy for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are 100% mine.

I was excited to read this book because I have a couple essential oils that I've used just based on things that I've read online.  I figured why not read this book and find out more info about essential oils.

When I began reading the book, I wondered if I actually got a copy that was supposed to be a rough draft.  There were a lot of typos and there was actually one point where a swear word slipped through.  It was obvious that someone just hit the wrong keys.  It can happen.  I understand.  But, when a book "goes to press", I'd like to think that an editor has seen it and made changes that need to be made.

The errors were sometimes so bad that it made the book difficult to read.

Although I agree with Ms. Moore that Western medicine tends to rely too much on pharmaceuticals, I feel like she might take the whole essential oils as miracle workers a little too far.   It almost seems as if she's promising perfect skin, weight loss and correction of other conditions just by using essential oils.  I think she just got a little too excited about what essential oils can do.

I think that essential oils can work together with Western medicine and that it shouldn't always be used instead of Western medicine.  Sometimes, people really do need pharmaceuticals.  I would be afraid that someone reading this book might think that they could just stop going to the doctor and use essential oils instead.  In some instances, that's how it comes across in the book.

What I do like about the book is that she lists several different types of essential oils and what they might be good for.

There are also a lot of recipes for different things in the back.  Some of the recipes though, are pure essential oils and it doesn't say to mix with a carrier oil.  I thought that most essential oils that I've read about (or have in my house) say that essential oils can burn your skin if you don't mix it with something.  That part makes me a little nervous and I would probably mix everything in the recipe section with a carrier oil anyway.

I don't feel like this is a comprehensive guide to essential oils if you don't know anything to begin with.  I feel like there needs to be more scientific information.  I also feel like there should be more history.  She says that essential oils have been used for aeons, but she doesn't give any specific cultures or dates for when they've been used.  It would also be nice to know how essential oils are made, the scientific names for the plants that each different oil comes from, which ones are dangerous for kids and pets, etc.

If you want a book that can give you some ideas for different recipes to start making your own massage lotions and skin care, it might be worth a look.

If you're interested, you can find the book at Amazon:

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  1. Sorry to hear that the book wasn't very well written. Hopefully your review will help the author if she decides to write other books.


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